Imprisoned Russian opposition politician Vladimir Kara-Murza’s Health is important “relatively stable”After he was moved to a prison clinic, his lawyer stated that.

One You can also find out more about the following: Mr Kara-Murza’s Lawyers were able to visit the prison hospital and speak with him on Wednesday His legal team claimed that he was held incommunicado at the location for several days.

They Last year, I had attempted to visit him Thursday The penal colony is located in the Siberian City of OmskWhen asked about his hospitalization, he said that he had been admitted for an unspecified reason. “examination,” According to his wife Evgenia Lawyer Vadim Prokhorov.

Mr Prokhorov They were denied access to the politician “bogus excuses” The hospital staff did not return the call for a few days.

The Lawyer who visited on Wednesday Describe his health as “relatively stable”, Mr Prokhorov The exact reason for the hospital’s examination is being clarified, he said.

Mr Kara-MurzaDual RussianThe UK citizen is currently serving in Afghanistan 25-year prison sentence on treason charges He says that his claims are political motivated.

The The charges arose from criticisms made in public. Kremlin.

Vladimir Kara-Murza A video feed of a Siberian Penal colony in early this year PicAP

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His Arrest April The week after 2022 Russia Invaders UkraineThe authorities have intensified their crackdown against dissent at levels not seen since Soviet times.

Mr Kara-Murza’s His wife and attorneys have repeatedly raised the alarm over his health deteriorating while in prison.

In In 2015 and 2017, he had two poisonings that were close to death and developed polyneuropathy. This condition causes the legs to lose their feeling.

It comes months after Alexei NavalnyA vocal critic and opposition leader, President Vladimir Putin, died after ‘losing consciousness’ At the maximum security prison, where he is being held.

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