As Tokyo Dome enters its 35th year,  a new photo book that looks at the future of the iconic stadium is set to be released. Featuring A large body of work by New York-based Japanese Photographer Jiro KonamiThe book examines and explores the possible outcomes for this landmark.

First Opened its doors in March 1988, Tokyo Dome Since then, the city has hosted an array of events ranging from large concerts to international baseball tournaments and other sporting events. The Indoor stadiums are so iconic that they have become a part of our culture. Japan, it is often used within the country as a measure of size.

Through The pages Konami Hopes to convey “the weight of the dream that has been passed down through the generations.” Showcasing The faces and side of Tokyo DomeThe photos show the stadium in all its glory, from the daytime to the night, with color, monochrome, and even a fisheye perspective. Kids Many of the pictures show them running, playing, and exploring the stadium.

Preview Here are some images of Jiro Konami’s New photo book is coming soon. Stay tuned for more details. YEN TOWN MARKET.

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