Joe PyferThe first UFC defeat he suffered taught him a valuable life lesson. Don’t Please read the comments.

At UFC 303, Pyfer He knocked out his opponent to win the fourth UFC fight of his career. Marc-Andre Barriault In just 85 seconds. The Fight was Pyfer’s First since losing to Jack Hermansson Back in FebruaryMost would say that. Pyfer I was on cloud 9 after it, but “Bodybagz” Says that is not the case. In part, because of his new perspective on MMA fans.

“There’s really no high from this one,” Pyfer Say on The MMA Hour.

I have no idea what it is. I don’t think I’m So disgusted at MMA supporters that I can’t find any joy in it anymore. I feel like many people are now fake. So after getting shit on because I came up short in the decision, I just don’t have that — I don’t know. I’m Just being honest, I’m not sure.

“I was talking to my coach about it because there really is no high for me. I’m excited and I’m proud of myself. It was a stellar performance and I made the most money I’ve ever made in my career, and that is what I’m super happy about.”

Since Joining UFC in 2022 is off the table Contender Series, Pyfer In his first three fights, Hassan has already made an impression. He won three knockouts. The The budding star is then seated in the face Hermansson After dominating the fight from the start, in his UFC debut, this fighter lost by a unanimous vote. It It was a difficult setback for Pyfer It is not only important to be professional, but also to be personal. Pyfer He says the fans treated him ruthlessly after his loss.

“Everybody kind of said I got fraud checked, and it kind of rubbed me the wrong way,” Pyfer said. “I [don’t] Think fraud check is that I go to the fight and I fight it. No. In my fourth UFC fight, I was unranked and I went five rounds with the 10th guy in the world. I won early on and showed that I was a better boxer, but then I lost the pace and got hit in an eye. I couldn’t even see him for the remainder of the fight. Credit He is being punished because he has caused damage. He He hit me in my eye. It was legal. Then, he began, using his veteran skills, to kick the calf. Fifth It was a 2-2 round, I came out and I thought I would start to gain momentum. Then he knocked me down. He Switch it up.

“But my point is, everybody f*cking shit on me and said I got fraud checked and ‘salty man Joe’ and all this shit. I was like, yo, it’s fair. I deserve this because I now got both ends of the stick. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I took a risk and it wasn’t the smartest risk, given the circumstances, but I’m proud of my performance, and I just had to learn that hate is something that’s always going to come in this sport no matter how successful we are, and it will come at a brutal cost of your mental health if you don’t learn to detach people who don’t matter’s opinions.”

Pyfer He also said that he had not trained for two months after the loss because he wasn’t happy with his fans or with himself. That’s Not the case in this fight. For Pyfer. destroying Barriault He wanted to punish all his critics for the way they treated him in earlier years.

“I felt anger, I felt happy,” Pyfer said. “I like, there you go, motherf*ckers! Here’s your Salt Bae [does sprinkle motion with his hand], motherf*cker. Here’s all you jerk-offs that sat there and talked shit on me and f*cking harassed me for months, thinking you’re harassing me for months, while I just sat there. I kept quiet, I didn’t do one, single interview for this fight unless it was UFC mandatory. I kept my mouth shut, for the most part, until fight week and I said that I wouldn’t have much say until I whooped his ass, and then I did and I talked my shit.”

Pyfer Now 4-1, he has called for a match with Paul Craig next.

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