Veteran Film executive Bill Mechanic Producer: Share some memories Jon LandauWho died July 5 at the age of 63They shared their experiences during the production of James CameronThe 1997 Epic TitanicThis was supported by Fox Filmed Entertainment You can also find out more about Mechanic The company’s CEO and chairman was this person.

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I’ve always noticed that Jon As a film person born. His parents, Ely You can also find out more about the following: EdieHe knew all there was to about film production.

When I joined Fox, Jon He was head of production and he supervised every film that we made. It was a surprise — and a loss — for us when he left the studio to produce Titanic. But It was great to know that someone as knowledgeable would be working on a film that promised to have the same ambition as Jim’s picture.

No One could have anticipated the difficulties with the film but even in the toughest moments. Jon It was a person we could trust. When there were arguments about how to forge through to completion, he arbitrated — to the degree anyone could — between the production and the studio, and again made it easier because both sides trusted that every dollar being spent was in the interests of delivering something special.

Reflecting back on that timeWe who were closest to the movie thought it could be a real hit and something great. There There are no guarantees. The The stress levels were off the charts and it was clear that they weighed heavily on Jon. But He never lost his senses of humor or decency because he served in the military. He remained confident and positive, regardless of the moment, and he knew his craft.

We It’s a good statement about how well they did. Jon The studio and production thought he was perfect for the role. That The movie needed a lion and he showed he could roar.

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