Jorge Masvidal believes fighting in Nate DiazIn their boxing bout on,’s home country worked against him Saturday night.

In What turned out to be an incredibly entertaining 10-round battle, Masvidal One judge scored the fight as a draw, while two other officials gave Diaz The overwhelming majority of people voted “yes” One The scorecard totaled at 97-93. The other card was 9892. That was enough to give the game. Diaz The winner is:

Obviously, Masvidal I disagreed with this, particularly given that the statistics showed that he had out-landed him Diaz Total punches and power punches during the fight.

“I definitely know the judges were influenced by the crowd,” Masvidal “Said at the post-fight Press Conference.Because I was getting used to my timing when a lot those shots landed in the corner. He would throw three or four shots which wouldn’t go through and then I’d A good power shot is a must. I’d You can see this I’d Hurt him I’d He would then start to play around. Hurt He hit his body multiple times.

“I think one or two of the judges only gave me two rounds. There’s just no way. We were looking at the fight right now in the locker room, the meaningful shots, and a lot more of the meaningful shots were landed by me. I just feel that it didn’t go my way, but whatever. We’re 1-1, we can run it back some place like Vegas. Make it a neutral place and let’s f*cking throw down.”

While He didn’t have time to watch the whole fight again. Masvidal He hit him. Diaz With the larger and more impactful shots during the fight. What Masvidal The crowd’s roaring was what hurt him. Diaz threw a punch — whether he connected or not — and that could have played a part in what the judges were seeing.

Perhaps Masvidal’s The biggest problem was not that he had lost but that the two judges who gave him the scores were biased. Diaz The fight had Masvidal Losing in a lopsided manner.

“From what I saw, I definitely hurt him more than he ever hurt me,” Masvidal said. “I got much cleaner shots to the body, in particular.” He I never did anything to myself. I did hurt his body. A couple of times, he even backed away. He He was putting a lot pressure on me and coming forward, but he didn’t hurt me. He didn’t land any punches that were meaningful.

“Eight rounds to two is f*cking nuts. Whatever, it’s California. I knew I had to get a knockout or some shit like this.”

As As disappointed as he felt with the results, Masvidal The co-promotion of a huge card along with another company was a rare feat. Diaz The merchandise sold out. Honda Center You can also find out more about the following: Anaheim. That He may have had to add a few extra responsibilities to his routine since he competed in UFC but Masvidal Knows it all was worth it at the end.

“I know no matter what, we put on a great fight,” Masvidal said. “The shit people are saying online, everybody’s loving it, so I know it was a great fight, win or lose. Obviously, win first over everything, but entertaining the crowd is another big part of it, so I’m glad we got to entertain everybody and we could probably sell out another arena wherever the f*ck it’s at.”

The Fight on Saturday You can learn more about it here Masvidal’s This is his first appearance after announcing that he will retire from UFC competition in 2023. While The promotion is still his contract. Masvidal The UFC gave permission to the boxer to enter into the fight. Diaz. Because The deal is still in effect Masvidal It sounds like his primary focus is still boxing.

“With the UFC, I’ve got a couple more [fights on my contract],” Masvidal revealed. “With Fanmio, I’ve Two is better than one. So I’m I’m definitely going to those two boxing matchs.

“Win or lose, it was a great experience. I learned a lot about the trade of boxing, the craft of boxing. I learned a lot about myself as well. I’ve got a lot of miles left in the tank. So I don’t know who’s going to be the next opponent, but we’re going to be looking for somebody.”

Ideally, Masvidal I would like to settle this with Diaz It’s time to settle this once and for all. Masvidal The win is yours Diaz The rematch took place at UFC 244 on the same day in 2019. He lost the majority in the boxing ring. He Would love to book a fight with him again DiazBut this time in a place where the crowd is more evenly divided.

“We’re 1-1, we can run it back some place like Vegas,” Masvidal said. “Make it a neutral place and let’s f*cking throw down.”

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