North Koreans At the moment, Kaesong Printing plant reading Rodong Sinmun. (Rodong Sinmun-News1)

The Kaesong The printing plant of a newspaper has been severely criticized after it failed to print for more than ten days because of equipment failures and electrical outages.

Speaking On condition of anonymity a source told us that he was unable to comment on the matter. Kaesong ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Thursday More than ten issues are available of the Kaesong Early and mid-September newspaperJune Due to production problems, some copies were not printed on time. The The incident was brought to light by the Kaesong Committee of the Whole Workers’ Party You can also find out more about the following: Korea The delay was discovered.

Upon When you learn about the interruption in printing, Kaesong The party committee invited the technical team and party committee of the printing plant to make self-criticisms. All plant managers were invited to a meeting in order to discuss the problems.

The The committee reproached the printing plant for failing to report the disruptions caused by equipment failures and power outages. Instead, they tried to hide the problem. They The printing plant was not the only organization that learned of the late distribution.

Plant Managers explained that although newspaper staff had submitted articles in time, faulty machinery and blackouts prevented the printing. HoweverThe Kaesong Party committee dismissed these reasons, describing the situations as “an issue that cannot be passed over lightly.”

The Committee accused the management of the printing facility of complacency, and stated that they were lax. “Whatever the reason, failing to get the newspaper out on time amounts to presenting Kaesong as a dead city for ten days.” They Further, this warning is to warn you that “dangerous act” If reported to the central authorities, this could have resulted in severe consequences.

The Kaesong Party committee orders several managers to be fired “demonstrate their responsibility and remorse for causing political harm” It is important to identify the causes of future incidents and develop strategies to prevent them.

In The printing plant has now submitted daily reports to the Kaesong The party committee should inform the power supply and equipment status. Staff The committee has been instructed to report any future crisis to the committee immediately and to work with other departments to resolve it.

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