Kanye West He claims that “survived cancellation,” He refuses to apologize, other than for a partial apology he has offered to his son. Jewish fans. 

Ye Also addressed his feud Adidas In an interview, he spoke out against streaming services. TMZ The following are some of the most effective ways to improve your own effectiveness. Monday (February 12). The Asking for a refund is a good idea Ye If he retracts any of his offensive comments.  

“Black people can’t be antisemitic. We are Jew,” He replied to the question about his “death con 3 On Tweet. “JEWISH PERSONNEL”  

“You know what? For all the kids that love me, all the Jewish kids that love me, I’m sorry if y’all had to hear a grown-up conversation with us screaming at each other,” West The answer is given without directly answering the question. “But we got to a point where something needed to happen. Something needed to be said. Somebody needed to say something.” 

Kanye West Continued, saying that his remarks might not have come across “the right way,” He was upset about being called a racist “crazy.” He He also claims that medics misdiagnosed the condition. “slight signs of autism” They accused him of being fed “fake medication” It was his weight gain.  

“Y’all try to kill the superheroes,” He added. “But we here, we alive.” 

West Also said despite only being a teenager “two months from going bankrupt,” After being dropped by Adidas Others have followed his antisemitic remarks. “we survived through the cancellation.” He added, “we back number one.” 

On Monday, Ye He claimed to have made $19,000,000 in a single day through his Yeezy All items are now just $20. 

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