• John Wick 5
    Can bring Keanu Reeves It’s risky to repeat the same mistake twice
    Fast & Furious
    The mistake of resurrecting the dead characters.
  • The
    John Wick
    franchise avoids
    Fast & Furious
    Over-the-top actions as well as maintaining a credible balance could make it difficult to bring John Back from the Dead
  • To succeed,
    John Wick 5
    Resurrecting is not recommended John Focus on the story of a different character or a prequel.

John Wick 5 Could we see the return? Keanu Reeves In the titular role but bringing back would risk making a similar mistake as another billion-dollar action franchise. John Wick: Chapter 4 ended The following are some examples of how to use John Finally, peace After being freed from the High TableHe finally succumbs to everything he has been through. His The death of his character offers a note that marks the end for the franchise. HoweverHe will be making a short return in the upcoming spinoff BallerinaWhere he will fight with him Ana de Armas’ Rooney One more time

But Ballerina The events of Chapter 4Giving Reeves A reason to go back to your role. Yet The franchise’s success has resulted Lionsgate Announcing that John Wick 5 is happening. While Nothing about the sequel has yet been revealed. Its title is Reeves It is expected that you will return as John For another action-packed novel. HoweverIf you’re unsure, just ask. John If the characters were brought back to life or proved to be alive all along, the sequel could make the same mistake as another successful action franchise.

The John Wick Franchise Has Already Appointed One Of Its Keanu Reeves Replacements

Keanu ReevesFuture as John Wick A spinoff film’s star could replace the franchise’s star.

John Wick 5 Bringing Back Keanu Reeves Would Repeat The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other Fast & Furious Problem

Dead Characters Coming Back Kills Tension

The Fast & Furious Franchises are notorious for bringing back characters that were presumed to be dead The plot of some of the later films was based on these major plot elements. This Get started with Letty Ortiz’s supposed death The following are some examples of how to use Fast & FuriousLater revealing that she was alive and suffering from amnesia Fast & Furious 6. One The most recent example is HanIt was his death that inspired much of the story. Furious 7The truth about his death was revealed in F9. FinallyThe end of Fast X revealed Gisele She was alive even though she appeared to have died in the sixth film.

The The problem of bringing dead characters to life in such a haphazard manner is that the sense of danger no longer exists for any of a franchise’s heroes. This Why, if John The dead were revealed to still be alive John Wick 5It would be a cheapening of the previous film’s ending. While It’s never been clarified if John really died in Chapter 4, There are many ways to interpret his gravestone, one of which is that he’s finally at peace. HoweverBy removing that interpretive end, a sequel could make his final quest seem less important and definitive.

The John Wick Franchise Has So Far Avoided Another Major Fast & Furious Problem

Action Scenes Haven’t Gotten Too Unbelievable Yet

Custom image of Keanu Reeves in John Wick: Chapter 4 and Vin Diesel in Fast X.

HoweverEven though the risk of bringing about a riot is high, John The franchise has avoided another core problem by bringing back another film. Fast & Furious‘ later entries. Many In the latter films of this car-centered saga, the characters continue to do more outrageous stunts. This Includes everything Dom You can also find out more about the following: Brian Falling over 100 feet safely into a River Fast Five. Roman and Tej going into space in F9. Their Over the course of ten films, adventures go from being grounded in reality to being ridiculous.

By contrast, The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. John Wick movies Every film has had bigger action scenes.From a home invasion to a bloodbath lasting an hour in the first film, Chapter 4. HoweverThe movies, while they have some unreal elements, never became so unrealistic that it felt too different from the previous film. By By achieving this balance, action films avoid being as unrealistic as others Fast & Furious Movies are. But This doesn’t mean bringing something into the house. John The series back to life makes sense.

Should John Wick 5 Happen After Four Great Movies?

It Would Need The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other Serious Change To Succeed

Keanu Reeves medium close-up in John Wick 5

Although The excitement of seeing the show would be amazing Reeves Return as John One more movie, John Wick 5 The perfect story that was told in the first four films would be ruined if he were to play the lead role. Even Though getting answers to his location is difficult, Chapter 4 The cost to utilizing Fast & Furious‘ biggest mistake. Showing The fact that he is alive removes tension, since it’s evident he won’t suffer any life-threatening injury, even at movie’s end.

Even You can also read about it here John Wick 5 It is already confirmed, but the presentation should avoid bringing back the titular character like Fast & Furious The cast has been completed. Perhaps The next installment in the action thriller can be a sequel, which focuses on how John First left the Table. This Would allow Chapter 4‘s end to remain intact While providing more action-packed scenes from Reeves himself. ButThe film, even as a prequel, would have to be able to avoid being ridiculous and not become like racing franchises.

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