Pride Month is over as of some days in the past, and Kehlani closed it out by declaring that they’re, of their phrases, a “raging lesbian.”

Kehlani has been open about their sexuality beforehand, however in new movies shared on TikTookay, they discuss “de-centering men” in her life and about folks questioning whether or not they’re truly a lesbian.

In one video, Kehlani says:

“OK, so hear me out: I was bisexual my entire life, and then I came out as a lesbian almost four years ago now. But when I realized — recently, actually — all of the f*cking elevation in my life that has come from de-centering men in every f*cking area of it… [chef’s kiss gesture]. In your spiritual spaces, in your practices, in who you’re being educated by, who you’re being taught by, in community… everything. When I prioritized women and also just centered myself and women? When all the bad b*tches decide what planet that they’re going to after we f*ck this one, invite me, because I will thrive.”

Then, in a video responding to feedback, Kehlani continued:

“Bringing up the fact that I had a child, or bringing up ex-boyfriends from four years ago or before, bringing up situations from when I was 20? I’m 29. I will be 30 next year. I don’t know why there’s this inability to fathom that I’m a raging lesbian. And yes, my music is gay. Who I perform to and for is the gays. And if you’re stuck in the past, it’s between you and your god. If you’re a man still bringing up my ex-boyfriends, just say you want to f*ck ’em.”

Check out the movies beneath.

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