• The You can also find out more about the following: “Kenichi Suzumura Manten Fes 2024: A Festival to Eat, Talk, Sing, and Laugh!” Two days of events will be held. October 5 October 6, at Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater.
  • The last Manten LiveIt is a part of everyday life. Suzumura’s 2019 was the year of artist activities. NowAfter nearly five years it makes a comeback, as the new improved “Manten Fes.”
  • As Title “Eat, Talk, Sing, and Laugh” There are many events planned to entertain attendees at Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater all day long. Leading Up to Suzumura’s It will be like a performance.
  • An This event includes a voucher for early ticket purchase. Kenichi Suzumura LIVE TOUR 2023 “ROOTS” LIVE Blu-ray went on sale in May 15.
  • Comment From Kenichi Suzumura

    Thank Thank you for your patience! We We are now hosting a live show at Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater again! This We are bringing to you a new show Manten FesThe evolution of Manten Live.

    The venue, Kawaguchiko Stellar TheaterThe place is wonderful! It’s comfy! And It’s refreshing to breathe in the fresh air! It It’s really something special!
    At The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us. Manten FesWe’ve included a range of entertainment within the theater grounds before the performance starts.

    You You could call it a festival. Kenichi Suzumura. Kenichi SuzumuraEnjoy the. Kenichi Suzumura!
    We Stay tuned for updates on specific details. We Everything is prepared with care to make sure you have an unforgettable time at Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater all day long. Please Look forward to it

    Event Information

    Title: Kenichi Suzumura Manten Fes 2024: Festival The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us: Eat, Talk, Sing. Laugh!

    Date & Time:
    October 5 (Sat): Doors Open 15:00 / Show Starts 17:30
    October 6 (Sat): Doors Open 15:00 / Show Starts 17:30

    Venue: Kawaguchiko Stellar Theater, Yamanashi Prefecture

    Ticket Price:
    All seats: ¥12,000 (inc. tax)
    *Tickets Children aged 3 years and older are required to have a safety harness.
    *Resale For profit is illegal
    *Entry It is illegal to resell a ticket.
    *Listing Tickets for auctions is prohibited.
    *Any Disruptive behavior is strictly forbidden.
    *Depending On your seat, you may have partial or complete obstructions to the stage.
    *Due The wheelchair area’s visibility may be limited due to the layout of the venue.

    Ticket Limits:
    Up Four tickets per serial number may be requested (multiple performances can be requested).

    Early Tickets are accompanied by vouchers that can be used to apply for tickets. “ROOTS” LIVE Blu-ray

    This The URL and serial numbers are included in the application flyer that is enclosed with the initial production run. Kenichi Suzumura LIVE TOUR 2023 “ROOTS” LIVE BluReleased on. May 15, 2024.
    ■ Application Period: 10:00 AM May 15:59 pm on June 2, 2024
    ■ Results Confirmation Period: From The 1:00 PM time slot June 6
    ■ Payment Period: 1:00 pm on June 6, 2024 (ThursdayOn, from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM June 10


    About Tickets
    Eplus: eplus.jp/qa

    Hot Staff Promotion: http://www.red-hot.ne.jp
    +8150-5211-6077 (weekdays 12:00 – 18:00)
    *Please Do not contact the venue.

    Kenichi Suzumura Profile

    Kenichi Suzumura He made his voice-acting debut in the anime Macross 7 in 1994. In He is also an artist and voice actor, and a general producer at the improvised theater production AD-LIVE.

    He His music career began in October His first single was released in 2008. “INTENTION,” Released under their own names So He has so far released 14 singles as well as best albums. Starting You can also find out more about the following: September He embarked in 2023 on the Kenichi Suzumura LIVE TOUR 2023 “ROOTS,” Touring places that are significant to his roots in order to promote his third Mini-album. “ROOTS.” On October On 8th of the same calendar year, he marked the 15th Anniversary of his debut as an artist.

    Lantis webpage: lantis.jp/artist/suzumurakenichi
    X: twitter.com/suzu__kensan
    Music official X twitter.com/Suzumura_music

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