The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other North Korean Officials at the June 30 party meeting wearing Kim Jong Un badge. (Rodong Sinmun-News1)

North Korean The badges are given to senior officials of the government and political parties. Kim Jong Un First time along with an eloquent lecture about his greatness. June 29. This The badge has been in use since the beginning of this year. North Korean Media coverage of the 10th enlarged meeting Plenary Session You can also check out the Eighth Central Committee You can also check out the Workers’ Party The following are some examples of how to use Korea.

According Sources in South Hamgyong Province last ThursdayThe badges have been distributed to department heads, officials, and large enterprise representatives at provincial, local, and county party committees. Saturday Study groups. The Officials were reportedly shocked when these badges suddenly appeared.

The Distribution coincided with the expanded meeting of the 10th Plenary SessionHolding from June 28. July 1. This As badges of Kim Il Sung First appeared in 1970 and was followed by Kim Jong Il’s In 1992, on his 50th Birthday. The Sources noted the rapid emergence of Kim Jong Un’s Just 12 years since he took power, the president was given a badge.

Following The distribution is emphasized in a lecture Kim Jong Un’s The speakers called for loyalty and revolutionary spirit, while praising the greatness of the leader. The This distribution also marks a brand new era in the history of Kim Jong Un’s leadership.

As Kim Jong Un’s As the autonomous leadership of the regime becomes more apparent, it is expected that the regime will distribute portraits and badges in stages to the public, promoting his personality cult, while reducing the presence of the predecessors.

CurrentlyOnly portraits Kim Il Sung You can also find out more about the following: Kim Jong Il They are displayed in many homes. The Source speculates about the source Kim Jong Un’s In the future, portraits and badges may be distributed at the same time.

The Source suggests that the previously popular “double portrait badges” Kim Il Sung You can also find out more about the following: Kim Jong Il You will slowly lose your favor. He Add that Kim Jong Un’s It is expected that the badge will become very popular among young people, who previously wore badges with double portraits more out of style than for loyalty.

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