The Franco-German KNDS, a consortium of companies, has released new details on its ambitious LARINAE (Locating Ammunition) program.

This The advanced project is the result of a collaboration between several key players from the defense industry.

The The LARINAE Team includes Nexter ArrowtechKNDS now includes. FranceThe warhead is provided by. EOS Technologies The UAV system is under the responsibility of the Department. Traak Navigate with the Navigation Solution

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Designed For versatility and durability, the LARINAE LOCATING AMMO, commonly known as “suicide drones,” The range is between 80-120 kilometers and the flight autonomy is three hours. It The CGN will allow the weapon to neutralize all armored threats and bypass their active protection system.

One One of the most distinctive features of the LARINAE aircraft is its innovative blended wing-body with a lift fuselage. The UAV is powered by a jet engine from ALM Méca, a StrasbourgCompany based in -based company that specializes in turbojets and models for aviation. The The A-120 engine provides 120 N thrust and weighs around 1.4kg. It allows the LARINAE a cruising rate of 200 km/h, as well as a top speed of 400km/h. With The UAV, with a range up to 100 km and payload of 6 kg has a mass at take-off of around 27 kg.

The The consortium intends to perform the first demonstrations using an inert gas in early 2025.

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