Hi, Who Are you?

Hey, I’m Drone Electronic artist based in Bristol Here is my new baby Evil Sky.

What’s your ethos? 

The The label’s ethos is to release all kinds of electronic music, and not be restricted to a specific genre. Whether This is club music, or experimental stuff. This project started as a blank slate, with no guidelines for how to proceed. I’m It’s like starting over, but this time in a better way. The The idea was to create a place for me to showcase my own work and build something that would allow me to continue to grow as an artist, push the boundaries and explore other worlds. The I am really excited about the whole thing. I’m Looking forward to its development in the future. 

Tell us your origin story

For a while, I’d been toying around with the idea of starting my own label. I didn’t want to start a record label to sign other peoples’ music, but rather to have a place for my own creations and continue to grow as a producer. I want a home where I can evolve and continue to release music that excites. I see Evil Sky More as an extension than a name. After The general response I got when sharing my ideas and talking with friends was “What are you waiting for?” So I started putting things into motion at the beginning of 2024 and got the ball moving. 

Where What is your location? Tell us about your local scene…

I’m Based on Bristol. The city is a great place to live, both in terms of music and outside the music world. The Local scene is thriving for all genres. There are many labels and artists doing great work. When When I first arrived to Bristol I remember seeing labels like Bandulu, Sector 7, Hotline etc. With this DIY ethos. They There were parties in the stores, pressing records and throwing in-store events. Idle Hands Over the years, they’ve produced some of the most sickest club shows and nights. I’ve Have you ever been to? For This was a really inspiring read. After Making friends with people who share your interests Boofy, Hi5, Kahn & Neek I was really inspired by the sweat, blood and tears that these guys put into their music. It gave me a hunger to do more. I’ll Remember some of the early ones Bandulu Shops at Idle Hands. Being It was so sick to be able walk down the street and meet all kinds of people. Stuff This created a sense of community in the workplace. Bristol It opened my eyes to so many things at such a young age. I’ve seen many changes in the past, with venues and clubs closing. It can be heartbreaking sometimes. Bristol I love living in a city that is still a center for music of all kinds. 

Do You have a certain sound or vibe in mind?

I suppose that for my productions I have developed a particular sound over the course of time. The Goal for Evil Sky It is important to release a variety of material and not be limited to one sound or style. PersonallyI listen to all kinds of electronic music. This is something I will always do. But I also love rap, hip hop, and heavy music. I see Evil Sky As a melting pot, I can throw all kinds of things in and see what happens. 

Do You have a regular roster of artists. Who can we expect to see release with you?

For Now, I’m only going to use it for my own releases or stuff that I create with friends. The The next release includes a few vocals. I’m What are you really excited about? One The vocals are with Nottingham MC Kyeza Who are you? I’ve Since a long time, I have been a huge fan. There’s What you should know about MCs Notts I feel like. I feel like Nottingham It’s a city that is often overlooked because it is not one of the main cities of the UK, but the number of sick MCs who come from there are ridiculous. Getting Notts The combination of MCs and hard electronic beats can be a very powerful thing. I’ve The last two years I have been experimenting and this one that follows is what I am most excited about. I’ve The queue for 002 was something. I’m I am really proud. 

Tell us about your A&R process…

To Be honest, there isn’t one at the moment. As For now, as I’ve mentioned previously, it’s going to be an outlet for me to release my own songs with some collaborations and vocal bits sprinkled in. I want the process to be as natural as possible and as true to me as possible, so for now I’m just a solo artist. 

What What sets you apart from other labels? 

As it’s only me at the moment, it’s more important to get my head down and put out things that I like and find exciting. If It’s an added bonus if your message resonates with others. There These days, there are so many labels that things can easily become oversaturated. People Quantity is often more important than quality. I’m It’s best to just keep releasing the music I like and presenting it as I see fit. 

What What will it take to manage a bass music record label in 2024? 

I believe it is important to release music that is original and of high quality. People They often try to copy a formula or sound they like. Take Take a chance and try something new. You never know, it could pay off. Certain Some things will age better than others, but I’m more interested in longevity and building a back catalogue of music that I can be proud to look back at when I’m old.  

What What are you planning that we should be on the lookout for? 

I’ve Just released my first EP with the label, which is called Airtight. The Three distinct cuts make up the EP. This The first release of the year is a good example. I’m Right now, as a Producer and the type of things I want to push moving forward. That’s Available now in digital + vinyl I’ve I’ve got some vocals lined up for 002, and something different in store for 003.

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