A woman exits a polling station before voting in the first round in the parliamentary elections. Le TouquetNorthwestern FranceOn June 30, 2024. 

Ludovic Marin | Afp | Getty Images

LONDON — France’s left-wing New Popular Front The coalition will win the majority of seats in the second phase of the country’s parliamentary elections, but it won’t be able to secure an absolute majority. This is what early data revealed.

The New Popular Front According to the latest election round, the Conservatives could gain between 180 and 225 seats. an IFOP estimate The following are some examples of how to use French Broadcaster TV 1 Ipsos The faction was projected to have a majority of 172-192 seats.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s Ensemble According to IFOP the far-right and its allies are expected to gain between 180 and 150 seats. Rassemblement National — which won the first round of elections and was widely seen as likely to retain a strong momentum in the runoff vote — seen in third place with 120-150 seats.

None Markets could open on Monday A hung Parliament in Europe’s If the third-largest economies is the Sunday The results have been confirmed.

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