Lil Durk has addressed Donald Trump’s criticism of Chicago following the previous President’s quite a few remarks concerning the metropolis’s violent crime charges.  

He was requested about Trump’s feedback over the weekend throughout an MSNBC interview. Host Ari Melber performed him a montage of soundbites from a number of audio system addressing the town’s excessive crime charges. “What’s going on in Chicago? I said the other day, what the hell is going on?” Donald Trump mentioned within the clip.  

“I really don’t pay it no mind because it’s violence everywhere,” Lil Durk started. “You can get self-defense in every single place, you’ll be able to kill wherever, you’ll be able to stab wherever, you’ll be able to choke wherever, you’ll be able to kidnap wherever. 

“It’s just every city has the moment of the rates. If you look up right now who got the most murder rate I bet you it ain’t Chicago. So now the story transpire to that city. That’s why I never comment on it because every city has its day.” 

When Melber requested Durkio his recommendation to Chicago youngsters, he highlighted the work of his Neighborhood Heroes Foundation

“It’s different when you up close and personal with them,” he added. “It’s different when you doing non-profit like the Neighborhood Heroes and you in one of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago giving out turkeys or bookbags or showing them how to open up bank accounts to save money.” 

Check out the clip beneath and watch the interview on the finish of the web page.

Lil Durk Gives Back To Chicago Students

Earlier this yr, Lil Durk awarded $50,000 in scholarships to 2 distinctive Chicago college students collaborating within the Neighborhood Heroes’ HBCU College & Career Readiness Cohort. 

“I feel it’s my responsibility to reach back to the kids—especially those that are growing up in my community,” mentioned Lil Durk. 

“These kids have to be our biggest investment as they’re our future leaders,” he added. “They are destined for greatness and I’m encouraging others to join my team’s efforts to help pave their way.” 

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