Repeat It” rapper Lil Tecca The team is ready to deliver what fans want: a brand new full-length film.

On social media, Lil Tecca has posted a handful of clips featuring song snippets for the unreleased tracks “Rock The Boat” (where he samples the late Aaliyah’s 2001 song by the same name), “Montana,” “Road Rage,” and more. In May, he took to his official X (formerly Twitter) account to share the news that his first album since 2021’s We Love You Tecca 2 The release date is set for the summer. The release date has not been confirmed. Tec In June, the dates were abruptly changed without explanation. Instead of a hot summer release date, Lil Tecca’s new album Tec The fall equinox will be on the evening of September 21.

Here is everything you need to know about Lil Tecca’s forthcoming album, TecThe release date and tracklisting are confirmed.

Release Date

Tec Republic Records is releasing the new album on Tuesday, September 22. Find out more here.


1. “Yves”
2. “Hvn On Earth” Feat. Kodak Black
3. “Gist”
4. “500lbs”
5. “Fell In Love” Feat. Kenny Mason
6. “Tec”
7. “Salty”
8. “Real Discussions”
9. “Dead Or Alive”
10. “Want It Bad”
11. “U Don’t Know Tec”
12. “Used2this”
13. “Trippin On U”
14. “Either Way”
15. “Need Me”
16. “Monday To Sunday”


Before the Tec’s release, Lil Tecca shared a total of three singles, namely “Need Me,” “500lbs,” and “Hvn On Earth.” According to the supplied tracklist, his previous singles “Blessing,” “Treesha,” and “Faster” will not appear on the album.


See the official album artwork below.

Republic Records


Lil Tecca had not announced a concert tour as of Monday 18th September. The fans hope that Lil Tecca will perform a few live performances for them in the coming week. Tec Live with him.

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