The new submarine cable factory in LS. Cable Will construct in Virginia, USA (Image LS Cable)

LS Cable & System Has announced on July The company plans to invest about 1 trillion won (721,34 million dollars) in order to build the largest submarine cable factory in the world. United States.

The A 396.700-square-meter site will be developed along the Elizabeth River The following are some examples of how to use Chesapeake, Virginia. It It will cover a total of 70,000 sq. meters. Construction It is anticipated that the project will be completed in 2027. The The facility will also include a 200-meter high power cable production tower – the tallest in the world.

LS Cable & System The state government will provide approximately 48 million dollars (roughly 66.5 billion wons) in tax breaks and subsidies. Including The $99 million (roughly 137.2 billion wons) in support from the Department The following are some examples of how to use Energy (DOE under the Inflation Reduction Act The company received a total support of $147,000,000 (roughly 202.7 billion won). This The largest global support package available to any cable company in operation today United States.

The The industry expects the construction of large vessels for cable installation by LS Marine Solutions LS expansion and the LS Eco Energy’s Projects for submarines Europe LS Cable & System’s Construction of new factories in the United States Now in full swing

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