Luana SantosThe recent weight-loss has an answer.

The Brazilian Fighter came in three pounds overweight for her bantamweight fight with Stephanie Egger This past DecemberThe scale showed a weight of 139 lbs. In Interview with MMA FightingShe explained that her miss was caused by an autoimmune disorder.

Santos, who returns in the cage for a 125-pound fight with Mariya Agapova You can also check out our other articles. UFC Denver Next SaturdayMMA interviewed. Fighting She was diagnosed with thyroid disease. Hashimoto’s Disease during a trip Brazil She made her UFC debut in the months following her last successful fight. InitiallyShe did not think it was a big deal.

“I had no idea what it was and if it would have any impact so I didn’t care one bit about it,” Santos said. “I thought nothing of it, but then my weight started to go up. My The manager was late November My opponent said that he already had a scheduled fight. I told him that I wouldn’t be able make the 125. However, we could still do it at 135, if my opposition was up for it. [Egger] I was given three weeks to complete 135. I weighed 163 pounds when the incident occurred.

“I thought it would be hard but I would be able to make it. It was the craziest three-week span of my life. I didn’t make weight in the end, but I thought it was due to some other issue. I got too tired in the fight as well, and my hair was falling as well, and I had no idea it was due to the thyroid problem.”

Santos Egger The return to Brazil The following are some examples of how to use January The doctor recommended more tests during which the thyroid gland was once again found to be a problem. Hashimoto’s This autoimmune disease can lead to hair loss and other symptoms such as depression, fatigue, pain, and weight gain. Santos noticed.

“The doctor said my weight would go up again because my thyroid gland wasn’t working,” Santos said. “The levels were way higher than it should be, and some vitamins were low, and I had to start taking medication to control my thyroid. There’s no cure, I’ll have to take this medication forever. I went all the way up to 168 pounds, 42 pounds over my division.”

Santos The UFC knows about her condition and has offered her a match. Denver With enough time, you can prepare to make another 125 pounds. The 24-year-old Brazilian She is weighing 136 pounds at the moment, which is perfect for her camp.

“My thyroid is OK now but I’ll have to continue on medication and watch my diet,” Santos said. “My health is better, as well as my energy. I didn’t fell like training before, I just wanted to lay in bed and do nothing. I was afraid at first, especially because it was something new. I didn’t know if the medication would work or not, but my doctors explained everything to me and that calmed me down.”

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