Malaysia‘s plans to replace its ageing naval fleet have stalled amid rampant mismanagement, a scathing government audit has revealed – highlighting the country’s growing reliance on the United States The region is experiencing a rise in tensions.

The The report of the auditor general revealed a disturbing reality: Royal Malaysian Navy Only four of the 18 new vessels planned have been delivered, severely limiting its ability to monitor and patrol its vast maritime domain. This area is larger than its land surface, spanning over half a billion 500,000 sq km.

“We do not possess a sufficient level of deterrence and this directly affects the strategic space and options that defence planners and policymakers have,” You can also read about the warnings below. Thomas Daniel The cheapest way to buy a car is by using the Institute The following are some examples of how to use Strategic The following are some examples of how to get started: International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia.

He You can also read about the importance of this in our article “the hollowing out of Malaysia’s naval and aerial capabilities”The audit report revealed that the maritime security of the nation was compromised.

The Report’s revelations are made amid increased concerns about the South China SeaWhere are you? China’s Its claims are too expansive and contradictory. Malaysia Other regional claimant States including the Philippines. Analysts Warning: Malaysia’s As competition for the most important global trade routes intensifies, naval weaknesses could make it more vulnerable.
A patrol vessel is given to Malaysia By: Australia Docked in 2015 Port Klang. PhotoAFP

Malaysia’s naval woes run deep. The Publication of the auditor’s damning reports July According to a report by the U.S. Department of Transportation, the lack of delivery of 14 new ships ordered over the past decade is responsible for half of the nation’s 49-ship fleet now operating well beyond its serviceable lifetime.

These “delays in the acquisition and acceptance of new ships” The report directly blamed the continue “use of ships that are beyond their useful life”. It Also, the loss of more than 1,62 million spare parts no longer compatible with Malaysia’s ships amounted to 384,5 million ringgit ($81.6 million).

Three of the largest ships in the world will receive a US$60,000,000 upgrade to their maritime surveillance system Royal Malaysian Air Force’s Under the US-led program, a new generation of transport aircraft, equipped with the ability to detect small targets up to 200 nautical miles away (370km), was completed. Southeast Asia Maritime Security Initiative.

Thanks Upgrade your computer to the latest version Malaysia It is a good idea to use a bilingual translator “better able to maintain vigilant watch” The waters of the ocean are a great place to start. “better postured to secure the maritime environment”US Ambassador Edgard D. Kagan Declared at the handover Ceremony on June 17.

The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other Scan Eagle Unmanned aerial vehicles are launched from the flightdeck of a US vessel. Washington Twelve of them were donated. American-made drones to Malaysia 2019 PhotoUS Navy/via Reuters

Washington Has stepped up to the plate before Malaysia’s Donation of 12 nautical capabilities in 2019 includes maritime capability American-made ScanEagle drones to enhance its security and intelligence-gathering under the same security initiative.

Meanwhile The US Coast Guard It is a good idea to use a bilingual translator “moving forward with some sense of urgency” To donate a recently-decommissioned 210 foot patrol boat Malaysia, coastguard commandant Linda Fagan Tell them to get on with it Malaysia’s National news agency Bernama.

Malaysia’s The leadership of this domain was “critical”, Fagan ” Kuala Lumpur On, May The US Coastguard is excited to share its skills and opportunities with other countries. Malaysian She described her counterpart as “a useful partner of choice.”

The The country’s aging fleet has major capability gaps with ISIS Malaysia’s Thomas You can say that “Malaysia faces maritime security challenges in all its maritime areas” – not just the South China Sea.

Prime Minister Anwar Admitting that Malaysia It lacks the capability to monitor its vast maritime regions in JuneFollow us Washington’s Allegations that the country is a hub of sanction-busting Iranian Shipments of oil to China.

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