The National Samsung Electronics Union The first three-day strike in the history of (NSEU) took place on July 8. (Photo NESU (provided by NESU

The National Samsung Electronics Union The largest of the multiple Samsung ElectronicsFor the first time ever, labor unions in Canada went on a 3-day strike on July After collective annual leaves, 8. June. The Management said that the production was not disrupted on the first working day, contrary to what the union claimed.

The First strike since its foundation Samsung Electronics Three days later, in 1969, the company announced that it had exceeded 10 trillion won for its second quarter earnings.

The NSEU said that it has been negotiating since JanuaryThe management had not accepted any of the demands.

“Even though Samsung Electronics’ annual operating profit has reached 40 trillion won (approximately $29.6 billion), it is forcing employees to sacrifice themselves in the name of coping with a crisis,” You can also read about the importance of this in our article Son Woo-mok. Chairman of the NSEU. “The management said that they could not even pay incentive bonuses, but executives took home 2.9 billion won in performance bonuses.”

In Response to the labor union’s claim that the aim of the strike by over 6,500 of their 30,000 members was disrupt production. Samsung Electronics According to the company, only 3,000 employees participated in the walkout at the time and there was no production disruption.

HoweverBecause semiconductor production lines are non-stop, a strike could last for a considerable time.

Although The NSEU ranks as the largest of all the unions. Samsung Electronics The unions represent about a quarter Samsung ElectronicsMany of its members have been known to work in semiconductor production. In In particular, the union claimed that more than 5, 000 of its members had announced their intention to go on strike. These include production workers in manufacturing and equipment.

The The labor union has said that it will go on strike again if the union and management are unable to reach an agreement after the three-day walkout.

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