YingtaoA new contemporary Chinese restaurant in ManhattanThe new era is here Year The cheapest way to buy a car is by using the Dragon With a special menu. Located Then, you can get in touch with us. Hell’s Kitchen In the neighborhood, a buzzy restaurant that serves unique dishes inspired from the local culture has gained a reputation over the past months. Chinese Home cooking infused with culinary techniques.

For New Lunar New Year Menu owner Bolun Yao A tasting menu of eight courses that pays homage to the dragon, with food that represents good fortune and strength. The The menu begins with fresh oysters and is accompanied by a hot and spicy mignonette. Next, smoked steelhead and aonori bread are served. The The course is completed with foie gras. Sichuan Peppercorns and beetroot

The Mains are a wide variety of proteins that are not traditional. Chinese versions. Along Tofu, yellowtail, buttermilk, and celery root are all used in wagyu, octopus, and tofu dishes. Sichuan pepper. Dumplings combine Berkshire Pork and black truffle with a unique twist.

In In fact, the dish of dumplings has a special meaning for YaoWho can remember how his grandmother made dumplings in the past? Lunar New Year. It She was the one who inspired him to open YingtaoThe entire wall of the new museum is covered with her mosaic portrait.

The Two desserts to finish off the meal TanghuluThe candy is made up of fruits with sugar coating on a skewer. It also comes in a walnut and chocolate version. Nian Gao, or rice cake.

Yingtao’s Lunar New Year menu You can enjoy the food at the restaurant till Saturday, February 17.

805 9th Ave
Manhattan, New York 10019

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