SK Hynix’s The market capitalization of LG alone has exceeded the total market value of both LG and Samsung in the first six months of this year. Group (approximately 164 trillion won) Hyundai Motor Group (approximately 16 trillion won)

In The SK has been a major player in the first six months of this year. Group The largest market capitalization increase among major corporations was experienced by the company. South Korean Conglomerates. The market capitalization of 21 listed companies has risen by 65.4922 trillion Won (approximately 48.5 billion dollars) (36% over six months). This SK was the primary driver of growth. HynixThe market capitalization of the company has increased from 103.6675 billion won to 171.8086 billion won, a 65.7% increase. As SK Hynix’s The market cap alone is greater than the combined market caps of LG and Samsung Group (approximately 164 trillion won) Hyundai Motor Group (approximately 16 trillion won)

The Surge in SK Hynix’s Market cap can be attributed by its near-monopoly in the supply of High-bandwidth Memory (HBM) Nvidia’s New AI semiconductors that are critical for advanced computing applications. This Investor confidence and the market’s valuation have been significantly boosted by strategic positioning.

On July Corporate Analysis Research Institute Leaders Index We analyzed the market caps of 366 companies listed by 80 major conglomerates. As Close price on July In 2005, the total market value of these companies was 37.7553 trillion dollars. This is an increase of 103.3626 million dollars (5.6%) from January Second (1834.3927 billion won).

In In terms of market capitalization rankings, Samsung Group It maintained its unchallenged top position with 721.5250 billion won. It SK Group LG is ranked second with 247.2104 billion won. Group Third with 163.3307 billion won Hyundai Motor Group POSCO ranked fourth with 160.1852 billion won. Group HD Hyundai Group The sixth-placed country is South Korea, which has 53.02 trillion won.

Samsung Group’s The market cap has increased by 56.2403 billion won (8.5%) from 665.2847 billion won at the start of the year. This makes it the second highest increase in terms of growth. Within Samsung Group, Samsung Electronics The market cap grew by 44.7734 trillion dollars (9.4%) from 475.1947 to 519.9681 billion won.

Hyundai Motor Group’s Market cap increased by 29,1495 trillion won (22.2%) from 131,0357 trillion won in January. This is the third largest increase. Major Affiliates like Hyundai Motor The current exchange rate is 16.4339 trillion Won (about 16 433 939 billion won). Kia Up 11.2626 trillion won Hyundai Glovis Strong automobile sales led to an increase in the market cap (up 2.1938 billion won).

In HD Hyundai Group Ranking first with 56.8%. The Market cap of listed companies has increased from 33.8192 trillion to 53.0202 billion won. In MayHD Hyundai Marine Solutions HD, which is now listed on nine exchanges, has a market cap of USD 1.9 billion. Hyundai ElectricStock, which has emerged as a stock related to AI power, also rose.

On On the other hand, LG Group POSCO: (down 23.0409 billion won) Group EcoPro Group The value of the won has decreased by 20.1617 trillion won. Kakao Group The currency value of the Korean won has decreased by 14.7778 trillion won (about $14.7778 trillion). Naver Group In the first six months of this year, the market cap (down 9.6471 billion won) decreased.

The SK has experienced a significant increase in its population Hynix’s The market capitalization highlights the crucial role that the semiconductor industry plays in the global economy. This is especially true in light of the increasing demand for AI technology. As SK Hynix HBM continues to dominate the HBM Market Nvidia’s AI semiconductors is expected to continue growing in value, which will further solidify SK Group’s Market capitalization rankings.

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