Shortly thereafter officially announcing its collaboration with NewJeans, McDonald’s Korea Now, the commercial features the K-pop supergroup. The ADOR subsidiary formed the girl group. Hybe Corporation, was chosen because of the mystique and fresh image of the members that fits well with the South Korean division of the fast-food chain’s aim of offering new tastes with upgraded, new menu items.

The full 51-second commercial builds on teasers to introduce the new McCrispy, chicken burger line at McDonald’s Korea. NewJeans Members Minji and Hanni, Danielle, Haerin and Hyein are seen following pixels as they encounter the McCripsy Creamy Onion With Bacon.

According to McDonald’s Korea, the burger offers “A different level of crispiness with Cajun coating three times! Whole chicken thigh patties, savory bacon. This is a different flavor, with a creamy and rich onion sauce. McCrispy’s line includes the McCrispy Deluxe, loaded McCrispy Deluxe, and McCrispy Classic.

Watch the new NewJeans x McCrispy commercial from McDonald’s Korea below.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Nike has shared an Air Max campaign starring NewJeans.

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