Megan Thee Stallion The U.S. Gymnast is a fan of the sport. Jordan Chiles. Over Weekends are here. Chiles Celebrated her selection as the American Squad heading towards the Paris Olympics You can shout out your message to the Houston rapper. “This was for you uncle and Megan, I’m going to the AHH-lympics!” She announced this with a beaming grin, using Megan’s well-known phrases. Megan The video was viewed on X and the response was, “my girllll,” Four blue heart emojis are included.

ChilesWho won a silver medal? Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics In 2021, the position behind Simone Biles The following are some examples of how to get started: Sunisa Lee At the recent team trials. On Wednesday, Chiles Posted on her Story The following are some examples of how to use Megan I had written to her and congratulated her with a bouquet. “@theestallion I’m literally crying [crying emoji] friend thank you so much these flowers are so beautiful!!” Fans Shared screen captures from her post.

In An interview from the past Chiles The actress revealed her admiration Megan’s Music was instrumental in motivating her through the trials. “The whole time while we were getting ready we were vibing, we were listening to music, you know, Megan, Beyoncé, GloRilla. Every girl artist you can think of was popping up,” She said “And I was like, ‘You know what? If these girls can slay like this, I can go out there and slay like them.”

In June, Chiles Posting Instagram Story She is shown in her first-in-person meeting. MeganAfter missing the opportunity to see her at the previous years’ Essence Festival You can also find out more about the following: Culture.

The 2024 Paris Olympics On the day of July Continue until 26 August 11th.

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