Michael Chandler Believes he can win in an unofficial way Conor McGregor Without ever having to throw any strikes.

Chandler McGregor was scheduled to take on in the main fight of UFC 303 McGregor’s long-awaited comeback was delayed by an injury. Despite Although there is hope that the fight could be rebooked later in this year, no official announcement has been made.

On TuesdayThe former Bellator Champion took the time to reply to a few of his fans on TwitterIn the process, he fired a few shots at his opponent. When He was asked to explain his strategy in relation to McGregor. “Iron” Go outside the box

“Instill fear,” Chandler responded. “Let him pull out of the fight and embarrass himself, be known as the guy who retired McGregor without ever throwing a punch.”

Chandler Also continued to tease that the matchup between McGregor and could take place at UFC 306 The following are some examples of how to use September — the promotion’s debut at Sphere The following are some examples of how to use Las Vegas — while also laid down a challenge to longtime McGregor rival Nate Diaz.

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