As expected, Michael Chandler Wasn’t going to keep quiet when it comes to Dustin PoirierThe comments made by him.

On A recent edition of The MMA Hour, Poirier The cut is a scathing promo What is the best way to get in touch with us? Chandler When his opponent told him to retire after his bout, he replied: UFC 302 Loss Islam Makhachev. He Chandler Isn’t there a real UFC fighter? Bellator The potential mismanagement of a champion’s career is just around the corner Conor McGregor Fight as well as Chandler’s “Dana White privilege.”

On Thursday, Chandler Response to Poirier’s Commentary on Twitter.

“Dues paid but I’m living rent free,” Chandler “Said in response”

Poirier You can also find out more about the following: Chandler The battle for the barn at UFC 281 The following are some examples of how to use November 2022 — which was Chandler’s most recent appearance — where Poirier This is a good way to get started. “Iron” The third round is the time when you will be eliminated. “The Diamond” Ripped into Chandler After his victory, he was accused of being “a dirty motherf*cker”.

The Bad blood Poirier Continues to linger as he responds to Chandler’s retirement tweet in eye-opening fashion.

Who the f*ck is ‘we,” Poirier “Said on” The MMA Hour. “You You’re here now, buddy. You’re Not one of us You’re not ‘we.’ I’ve Here. ‘We’re good.’ Who’s we? Welcome Dude, go to the UFC. You’ve The UFC has one victory.

“He’s Not one of us I’ve My UFC career began in 2009. January 2011 He Here we are. Who Is it us? He’s What is the weight division of the lightweight division?

“Muscle Milk Mike needs to chill.”

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