Michael Page It is possible that the results may have been disappointing. Ian Machado Garry Get in touch with us today to find out more. UFC 303The cocksure didn’t impress him, but he still left with a good impression. Irishman.

Page The drop of a unanimous, hard-fought decision at June Outclass 29 pay-per view movies Garry Despite winning the first two rounds, the final score was a loss of two rounds. Garry’s grappling-heavy game plan. AfterwardUFC CEO Dana White The public has been informed that the bout felt like a draw, much to Garry’s chagrin. But Even despite the setback Page’s The answer was unambiguous Wednesday The following are some of the most effective ways to improve your own effectiveness. The MMA Hour You can also check out Garry The UFC’s welterweight division is a talent-rich one.

“Not all. No,” Page said. “Because If you are going to play that game [to] When you find a good striker, then Leon [Edwards] You’re going to die anyway Shavkat [Rakhmonov] You’re going to die anyway. There’s There are a few men in that group I don’t think he can surpass.

“Even He didn’t feel strong in certain areas. I’m I’m not trying to be disrespectful, because he has done his job. He was very smart in the way he handled it. But For me, the game is all about fighting. It’s Fighting is a good thing. Not Stealing wins is not a good idea. Even As I mentioned, in that last round I didn’t need to be standing up or let him stand. I could have stayed in place and possibly gotten a higher score on the third round, but it’s not how the game works. I’m in. I’m In a combat-game. LikeI want to harm people, I don’t want to cause any damage.

“So yeah, I don’t see him progressing to the top. I think he’s talented. I think he’ll always be around there, top 10, top five. And then he’ll keep losing out to certain people. But he is still talented, and obviously he’s got a loads of time to progress and get better anyway.”

PageAfter scoring a blowout victory over Kevin Holland In his promotional debut, he makes a big splash. His Performance against Garry The further evidence showed that Page’s The UFC’s welterweight division is a tough one to crack, and his unique style of striking will cause problems for anyone who tries. He remains disappointed with himself. Page The man said that although he hadn’t seen the fight, he knew he would be disappointed once he did.

“I’m tough on myself. I think there’s a lot of mistakes that I made,” Page said.

“I wasn’t myself at all in that situation.” For It just made me more motivated. ObviouslyWhat I said would happen, happened. As Much as Ian “He’s a very good striker. He’s fast. He didn’t want me to strike.” And When I say the same thing to people, they always get the same answer. I’m It’s a completely different game when he bounces around in front you. He went with a totally different plan. AgainThere are a few decisions that I could have made during the fight and maybe done better, but that is not me.

“I prefer to go and get a big finish and I wanted to knock him out. So yeah, I’ve got a lot to adjust and adapt to, but I’m super motivated to get back. Super motivated.”

One The UFC 303 fighting week has been a major storyline. Garry’s Unnamed members of the public have been accused by Page’s Team offered $10,000 to teammate Garry’s At least one of the following: Chute Boxe Information on Garry’s Prepare and plan your game. Garry The accusation was repeated in the wake of the bout and called for Page The coach and the player “suspended for life” From MMA.

Page The man said he was still unclear about the situation. Garry This is what I am referring to.

“If somebody in my camp tried to [do that], no, I haven’t been told anything,” Page said.

“One hundred percent [it’d bother me if it was real], because I don’t need it. I don’t feel like I need it, especially for him. And again, I’m trying not to be disrespectful to him, because it’s not personal at all, but I don’t feel like I needed to get any extra information to do what I know I can do — or should’ve done, should I say — in that last fight.”

Page He said that he was currently on vacation and is eager to get back in the gym. He Uninjured, he expects at least to compete once more in the year 2024. He would be happy to challenge any 170-pounder UFC has to offer.

I just need to get back in the winning column and in true ‘MVP’ fashion,” Page said. “I still feel like I haven’t actually showed myself in the UFC cage.”

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