Michel Pereira No fighting Roman Dolidze UFC Louisville after all.

Pereira Continue reading Instagram He revealed that he had agreed to compete on the June 8 Card in KentuckyThe company offered a job, but the employee declined it. Dolidze He is his opponent. Both Middleweights are trained at Xtreme Couture You can also find out more about the following: Las Vegas.

“I didn’t agree to this fight,” Pereira ” Portuguese The following are some of the most effective ways to improve your own effectiveness. Friday. “The man trains with me every day at the P.I., at Xtreme Couture. He agreed to it, but I haven’t. To me, it’s not the moment to fight him. If he agreed to it, that’s his problem. I was surprised he agreed to it, really. To me, in my head, he’s a training partner, a friend. I see I’m not.”

Pereira He said that he knew he would have to face training partners in the UFC at some point, but he was not ready to move to a new gym in order to prepare for a scheduled fight in less than one month.

“I would have to find another gym and organize everything to fight him,” Pereira said. “That’s why I didn’t accept it. He trained at Xtreme, and since I’m new there, I would have to go out and train somewhere else. I don’t even know where I would train. It’s too much logistics to fight in a month.”

Pereira The UFC champion won twice in two months, defeating Michal Oleksiejczuk The following are some examples of how to get started: Ihor Potieria In bonus-winning performance, he increased his winning streak from eight to nine. Dolize Lose his last two to Marvin Vettori The following are some examples of how to get started: Nassourdine Imavov.

“I’ll remove him from [a list] of those I won’t fight and add to [a list] of those I’d fight,” Pereira said. “I’ll organize myself to fight him. When they offered me a fight [at UFC Louisville], they didn’t say the opponent. It was a bummer when they said the opponent, and I said ‘no.'”

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