Michelle Waterson-Gomez It was time.

At UFC 303, “The Karate Hottie” After a loss, she announced that her career of 17 years was officially over. Gillian Robertson. During Waterson-Gomez’s Post-fight Interview with Joe RoganThe promotion showed a video that was heartwarming on the TMobile Arena Screens recapping her best moments in the cage.

In An emotional conversation Waterson-Gomez ” The MMA Hour Afterward, she will discuss what led to her decision to put away the gloves.

“I’ve been fighting for over 17 years,” Waterson-Gomez said. “My The husband sacrificed much for me to be able to fight. He The fighter sacrificed himself to his career. As Since my daughter was born, she has been a gym child. You You can’t take her to the gymnasium because she is in the car. She has to sacrifice her birthdays and events. She’s I want to be her side as she ages. I want to stand in my husband’s side. There There are so many things that he does right now, that I’d like to be a member of.

“I’m not getting any younger. I think that you just kind of have to recognize things for what they are, and as a fighter and a competitor, if I could, I would stay in chasing the wins, chasing that incredible high that you get when you win, chasing the gold. But I think I just had to recognize where I was at in my MMA career, and the amount of time and sacrifice I was putting into that could be put into a different direction, where I can get a win in different areas of life.”

Heading She is now in her final battle. Waterson-Gomez She only told a few people, including a close friend and comrade Holly HolmThe fact that she planned to retire was not disclosed to the public because she did not want anyone to believe she wasn’t prepared for retirement. Robertson. She Knowing the difference between a good and bad thing is important. Canadian It was a difficult opponent. Her only concern was ending a four-fight losing streak.

The It didn’t work Waterson-Gomez’s As well as Robertson Outworked to reach a unanimous verdict, but she has received overwhelming support and respect since UFC 303.

“It fills my heart, it really does,” Waterson-Gomez said. “It’s crazy. If When I was little, I could never have imagined myself as a UFC professional fighter. I am forever grateful that the road led me there. It’s It has helped to shape me into the person that I am today.

“The fight game is tough. It’s unforgiving. You’re met with challenges every step of the way and it can be a lonely road sometimes. You have to be very selfish in order to climb the ladder, but that’s kind of how life is and I think that’s why I fell in love with fighting is because it’s just a mirror representation of what life is. It’s tough. You’re going to be met with adversity. It’s supposed to be hard. You’re supposed to have struggles and you’re supposed to meet those struggles with excitement. You’re supposed to overcome those challenges and become a better person from it.”

Waterson-Gomez Although she never won a UFC championship, her 6-9 UFC record doesn’t make her a legend, she was able to go the distance against the best in the business and gained a loyal following. When She made her professional debut in 2007, five years before the inaugural show of all-women MMA promotions. Invicta FC six years prior to the first UFC women’s match.

When Waterson-Gomez A female fighter was not promised fame or wealth when she first became a pro. But She persevered, and is now a UFC veteran who is respected by many.

“I think I’m the most proud of believing in myself enough to try,” Waterson-Gomez said. “Putting Reaching out to me in front of a goal that is almost impossible, but I am still able to reach it. I’m Little karate girls from rural Colorado. Rashad [Evans] told me, ‘You’re Not even supposed to be in this place, peanut’ Truthfully, he wasn’t saying it in a mean way, but like, ‘You You forced your way through’

“I did point-sparring karate growing up, and it’s very outside of who I am to be a fighter — and I wanted to know that I could, and so I did. And I stayed at the top for a really long time and I’m really proud of that. I fought the best in the world, stayed in the top 10 for as long as I could for the majority of my career until this last year. I was able to climb pretty high, and I’m really proud of that.”

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