Since Chinese Game developer MiHoYo releases Zenless Zone ZeroA new action-RPG with roguelike elements was released last year. ThursdayThe reviews of Chinese The players were mixed. Online Some communities have praised the combat system and visual design of the game, while others say it is unengaging. 

As The developer of the hit game Genshin Impact You can also find out more about the following: Honkai: Star RailWith this release, miHoYo caused quite a stir among the domestic gaming community. Less Three days after the game went on sale, the ShanghaiA firm based in announced that global downloading had increased by surpassed 50 millionIn-game rewards are a great way to thank players.

The Free-to-download games are available on Windows, iOS, Android PlayStation 5 with future versions scheduled to launch on Switch You can also find out more about the following: XboxThere are no official release dates for the second, but there is a tentative date.

We We played the game eight hours in order to give a full review.

Game Background

In The surrounding area of the post-apocalyptic city called New EriduThe last humans that have ever existed live in a place known as HollowsWhere monsters roam. New Eridu The extraction of resources is a way to thrive HollowsConflict between monopolistic companies, gangs, or conspirators. Players You can play the role of an ProxyA group that links the Hollows You can also find out more about the following: New Eridu.

As Players progress in the HollowsThe Proxy As you continue to battle the roaming monsters, recruit new members for your party. By Combining the skills of the different players in the game allows the player to cause more damage and impact their opponents.

Beautiful Visuals and heavy-hitting music

Zenless Zone Zero’s Visual effects and camera movement are smooth. The story animations follow a similar style as Japanese manga.

The Game simplifies action elements to make it easier for beginners, while still containing intricate details for experienced players. It The game uses a team of three characters for different combat strategies. This is an interesting choice to make when you first start playing. Players If they take advantage of the right time, players can change to a different character and get a higher hitting score.

The The visual design of the game has received widespread praise, particularly for its stylized street style. Character The design and details of the game scenes are so good that I would rate them above 9 out 10. The The music is also excellent, featuring high-quality electronic melodies with a high BPM.Beats Per Minute).

Plodding Storylines and mediocre Gacha Animations

The Storyline and dialogue Zenless Zone Zero I sometimes rushed through the games, but younger players may find them more interesting. MeanwhileThe PC version has a better feeling of impact during battles, but there is still room for improvement in the mobile version.

Gacha The game mechanic is similar to a toy vending machine. It’s often found in mobile games by miHoYo. This This is a screenshot of a gacha animated:

The This game’s gacha animations is mediocre and does not compare to those of Genshin ImpactThe tester played the game for two years. AdditionallyComparatively, Genshin ImpactThere aren’t many characters that I feel like investing in.

The Tester spent four hours playing the game on mobile and PC. CurrentlyThere is a limited variety of enemies in the battles, which can limit extended play.

As The game is essentially an online pay-to win system. However, due to limited time for testing, we may not have fully uncovered the complexity of this game. HoweverThe overall gaming experience is not as good for beginners. Genshin Impact.


  • Unique Combat Experience
  • Smooth Visual arts
  • BeginnerFriendly mechanics
  • Acclaimed Musicians


  • Bland Storyline and dialogue
  • Mediocre hitting sensation on mobile devices
  • Characters The gacha animations is less attractive than Genshin Impact
  • Limited Battles with monsters of all kinds


Zenless Zone Zero The game has great potential, but it needs to be improved further in order to keep players interested. It It’s not quite up to standard Genshin ImpactThe company has made billions in revenue from its other hits, and this is a key area.

The The art design is the game’s strongest point, which makes it a satisfactory mobile game. HoweverGiven four years of development, and the success Genshin ImpactMiHoYo had to deliver an improved game. The Current version is not up to our expectations

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