Moses Sumney The upcoming horror movie, “The Unknown”, will star the actress. MaXXXine. But Don’t for one second think that the multidisciplinary team has forgotten their musical background.

Yesterday (July 9), Moses The band treated fans to a new EP. Sophcore The deadline for the release of this book is August 2). Following “Vintage” Their latest single “Gold Coast,” This is a new exploration of the genre-blending between dance, ambient and indie music.

As Moses This video lyrics focuses on a love that is sun-kissed. It provides a tranquil backdrop for the listener’s blissful feelings. “Met you in Accra / Front/back bar / Dance on you and you dance on me
Yes or no, well, your hips don’t lie / Talk in tongues, testify / Sunrise skin, color of clay / Bump all night, and we sleep all day,” Songs Moses.

“Gold Coast” This is the beginning of a steamy love affair you never thought would wash up at your shore. In A statement Moses The inspiration behind the new body of artwork was shared. ‘Sophcore’ explores the meeting points between sensuality and intuition,” “They said.” “Esotericism and populism, Deep feeling and fun. It’s diving into subterranean rhythm, bass and drums, and making music for the hips as well as the heart.”

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Moses Sumney’s Sophcore Artwork

TUNTUM Records

Moses Sumney’s Sophcore Tracklist

1. I’m Better (I’m Bad)
2. Vintage
3. Whippedlashed
4. Gold Coast
5. Hey Girl
6. Love’s Refrain

Sophcore The 8/2 release is available via TUNTUM Records. Find More information here.

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