North Korea It will also inspect its electronic payment system at home July The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us: October Improve the safety and efficiency in operations Daily NK has learned.

“The Pyongyang Information Technology Bureau launched a technical inspection this month to ensure the smooth operation of mobile phone and card payment systems in accordance with the Cabinet’s order on June 23. The bureau’s inspection is said to focus on the 24-hour banking service, connections with merchants using electronic payments, and the security of the financial computer network,” A source of information North Korea You can tell them by clicking on the link Daily NK on WednesdayThe speaker, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Bureau The source said that technicians will test whether the electronic payment system is secure and safe to use at any time.

“The aim of this inspection is to provide users with a safer and more convenient payment environment by [ensuring] the stable operation of the electronic payment system. This will be accompanied by linking computer networks between headquarters and base stations to facilitate real-time data transmission between electronic payment merchants and banks,” He said.

Inspection This will help you identify areas for improvement

According According to the source, the bureau’s technical team will spend months traveling to bases stations across the country to look for errors and malfunctions and to make immediate repairs as necessary.

Experts From the Payment Card Research Institute under the Pyongyang Information Technology Bureau The technical team will be accompanied on their rounds. These Experts are expected to brief Cabinet Later, the source revealed the results from the inspection of electronic payment systems, including card payments, computer networks, and base station bases.

The The report will also detail how to improve the electronic payments system and the changes that will be implemented in the next year, according to the source.

The North Korean Cabinet The technical team has asked the local people’s groups to actively participate in the inspection of the technical team, which they have stressed is important for development. North Korea’s Digital economy and modernization of financial technologies

“Inside the country, the inspection is being presented as a turning point to boost confidence in the state’s electronic payment system, which will be a catalyst for the digital transformation of the national economy in the future,” Source said

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