“The 10th meeting of the 14th session of the Supreme People’s Assembly of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) was held on Jan. 15 at the Mansudae Shrine in the capital, Pyongyang,” According to Rodong Sinmun On, Jan. 14. (Rodong Sinmun-News1)

Some Four months have passed since North Korean Leading a new generation of leaders Kim Jong Un The assertion that there are two states on the Earth Korean PeninsulaThe court ruled that the national reunification concept was false and denied it. North’s constitution define South Korea As the “invariable principal enemy. 

HoweverThis order’s follow-up is shrouded in mist. The Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA) — the North’s legislature with the authority to amend the constitution — has yet to even hold elections for new deputies for the 15th AssemblyThe 14th century was a five-year term. Assembly Ending in March. This The matter is complex and involves many factors.

Amending The Constitution

We There are two possible ways to postulate North Korea To amend its constitution, 1) a “rushed method” In which an amendement is approved by the 14th SPA final meeting, which can be called at any moment, or 2) “pouring wine into a new wineskin” Even if it takes some time, the method by which a new SPA will be composed is important.

Both There are advantages and disadvantages to each method. HoweverThere are two things we need to consider: North Korean Constitution would be a historic watershed for the nation. North Korean regime, 2) Pyongyang The implications of any new territorial provisions must be considered. North Korea Draw a border (or, as the author puts it, draw a border), and then craft a response. North Korea Now, the country is focusing its efforts on stabilizing domestic and international conditions. “20×10” Promoting cooperative relations and regional development programs China The following are some examples of how to get started: Russia. and 4) May This is a particularly sensitive time with many major diplomatic events planned, including summits among China The following are some examples of how to get started: Russia, North Korea The following are some examples of how to get started: Russia The following are some examples of how to get started: South Korea, China The following are some examples of how to get started: Japan.

Given This writer is of the opinion that method number 2 is also effective. North Korea You can track the movements of South Korea When measures are implemented in a short time, it is more likely that other nations will join in and elect new deputies, or convene a new SPA. This Because Kim Jong Un can raise tensions — necessary for him to take control of the situation on the Korean Peninsula — simply by making verbal threats or provocations using strategic or tactical weapons such as spy satellites.

MoreoverConsideration North Korea’s System of unitary leadership in Kim and party supremacy, the country — regardless of the circumstances — will likely amend its party regulations or amend its constitution only after Kim The party’s leader has made a statement before the plenary session of the party highlighting the importance of this issue to the local and international audience.

Potential territorial articles

Based On, Kim’s Speech before the SPA Jan. 16 It seems North Korea’s The Constitution cites examples of divided countries such as South Korea The following are some examples of how to get started: TaiwanAlso, Russia (a federation), East Germany The United States and Canada are both recognized as two separate states. Austria (a separate state despite ethnic ties to Germany). HoweverThis article will not discuss the specifics of international or domestic law in these cases, but instead guess the direction that the amendment is going to take based on Kim’s The latest trends and speech North Korea.

To Start at the end. North Korea It is more likely that the first thing to be legislated are the major ideas, and then the details will follow. This Because Kim’s argument in favor of two states may have comprehensively taken into account both local and international elements, but this writer believes domestic issues — namely the need for a North Korean Iron Curtain This fundamentally blocks the entrance of South Korean pop culture — are at the heart of the matter. AccordinglyI am convinced North Korea By 2019, the focus will be on stabilizing an unstable regime. “permanently systematizing the existing inter-Korean border” It is better to intensify counterespionage training and crackdowns by adjusting the definitions (with some minor changes) than add new, provocative territories that could drive the Korean Peninsula To ruin. The Here is what the core content for any new constitutional amendment should be. 

FirstlyA comprehensive provision is likely to define the territory. Democratic People’s Republic The following are some examples of how to use Korea (DPRK) — North Korea’s official name — as the Korean Peninsula And its adjacent islands. This A territorial conflict could arise. South Korea As it collides with Article Three of the four South Korean The constitution is not a given North Korea’s De facto nuclear weapons possession Pyongyang The following proviso clauses will reduce the potential for problems while using the parent provision to create a basis. “communizing the peninsula by force,” I.e. using nuclear weapons for seizing South Korea In wartime.

SecondlyThe proviso clauses are likely to define the DPRK’s actual border. They It is possible to stipulate that the so called South Korean The puppets illegally occupy areas south of border, while provisionally delineating the border as areas north the armistice lines on land. “new middle line” Near the NLL, or announcing a new “no transit buffer zone” Between the NLL North’s Self-declared Patrol Line at Sea

North Korea It is better to make strategic and tactical concessions in relation to the NLL, and adopt a permanent dividing-line than insist on aggressive lines like its 1999 West Sea Patrol line and 2007 patrol lines that could lead naval clashes, limited clashes or full-scale warfare.

This By successfully implementing the two-state philosophy, Kim Jong Un can focus on stThe following are some examples of how to get started:ing fully alone through internal crackdowns — including on South Korean pop culture — and distancing himself from his predecessors, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong IlAs he wields another sword, he also aims at the Yoon Seok Yul Administration South Korea. Above All else aside, he could also create a legal basis for a harsh response to leaflets, broadcasts, and video material that enters the country. North Korea From the SouthThe. Kim Jong Un The biggest headaches for government

“As the southern border of our country has been clearly drawn, the illegal ‘northern limit line’ and any other boundary can never be tolerated, and if the ROK violates even 0.001 mm of our territorial land, air and waters, it will be considered a war provocation. In my opinion, we can specify in our constitution the issue of completely occupying, subjugating and reclaiming the ROK and annexing it as a part of the territory of our Republic in case a war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula.” (Kim Jong Un’s Policy speech before SPA Jan. 16)

Thirdly, North Korea This will most likely include “Kim Jong Un” The following are some examples of how to get started: “Mount Paektu bloodline” In the Constitution. Lending This argument is supported by the fact that although the constitution currently mentions Kim Il Sung The following are some examples of how to get started: Kim Jong IlIt is not possible to idolize. Kim Jong Un The use of titles, such as the most recent one, is ongoing. “Sun” The youngest Kim Even though Kim Il Sung. The The title of the Constitution will most likely change to the “Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il constitution” Then, you can get in touch with us. “Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il-Kim Jong Un constitution, and a provision may be added on permanent leadership succession within the Mount Paektu bloodline, as was included in the “Ten Principles Then, you can get the Establishment The a Monolithic Ideological System”, when they were amended June 2013.

Fourth, North Korea The term national unity or reunification will be changed to something else as per Kim’s Order and take wider measures such as scrapping interstateKorean A 1991 agreement is one example. Inter-Korean Basic AgreementThe definition of a is North-South Relationships as a “special interim relationship.” On On the other, regulations specifying Pyongyang The national flower, anthem, and other symbols are already part of the Socialist Constitution When the DPRK constitution was amended in 1972 it made separate measures unnecessary.

Final words

The The amendment of the North Korean The Constitution and the assumptions I have presented are just one possible scenario. To To come up with a forecast, I focused my thoughts on a “check process” Rather than answering a specific question, it is better to respond to different scenarios.

Of The forecast may be incorrect. However, I’m 2) The work on amending constitution began in the per Kim’s order is encountering several difficulties at the working level; 2) the two-nation theory — in contrast to the harsh rhetoric — will likely focus on “creating an environment where the two Korea’s can live separately for the time being,” This is because the nature of the closed and defensive policy calls for defensive clauses to be inserted in the Constitutional Amendment, not aggressive clauses. Kim’s The diplomatic clock will be set to 2025 after the U.S. Presidential election in November.

In Before I end this article, let me appeal to the readers. South Korean The government and the people North Korea’s “two-state narrative” The following are some examples of the use of South Korea With risk and opportunity. Seoul You must never ever shrink. Kim Jong Un’s threat. South Korea Can respond appropriately to any move North Korea makes. In I am convinced that South Korea Our liberation is now possible. Northern Brothers and sisters, we must release ourselves from the chains of oppression. It The darkness always precedes the light. Let us prepare. And Then prepare again.

Translated By: David Black. Edited By: Robert Lauler.

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