FILE PHOTO A sentry post at the Sino-North Korean The border is a good example of this. Sakju County, North Pyongan Province. (Daily NK)

While being arrested on charges of sexual harassment against a waitress at a restaurant, allegedly, a border patrol agent assaulted officers. Chongjin.

Speaking On condition of anonymity. Daily NK source in North Hamgyong Province You can also read about the importance of this in our article Friday An officer of the 27th Brigade The border guard was seen drinking in civilian clothing at a nearby restaurant Chongjin Station On, June He sexually harassed an employee of a restaurant on 30th December. The A restaurant owner noticed this and reported it.

HoweverDuring the arrest the man slapped the police officers, and said: “Why are you interfering? I’m a border guard!” One In the fight, one of the officers had a cracked tooth. 

A mobile strike force was sent on the scene to subdue a drunk man who was spewing out unimaginable insults.

Unable To tolerate the man’s conduct, the leader of the mobile strike team ordered that he should be arrested “taught a lesson,” Five or six of the members of the squad then began to beat the man.

Beaten The border guard was beaten to a pulp and taken to the police station Chongjin. He Source: The source claimed that because he was uncooperative when questioned, police officers continued to beat the man.

The Officer was finally handed over to Border Patrol’s Security Department and is now detained. 

Man Those who are likely to receive harsh punishment

This The incident could have been handled as a simple trespassing case, but now the man will likely face severe punishment for attacking police officers.

In In particular, authorities are expected make a big deal out of the fact he called for his arrest at a prolonged meeting of a Plenary Session of the Workers’ Party You can also find out more about the following: Korea From June 28. July 1.

“Legal authorities usually crack down harder than ever during important state events, even without orders from above,” Source said “There was an important meeting in Pyongyang, so the officer could be kicked out of the military.”

In North KoreaMobile strike squads are Ministry You can also find out more about the following: Social Security Organisations with a primary mission to help others “protect the leader and the state system” By detecting the threat of unrest. If Before the military can intervene, they must take charge of unrest in certain areas or markets.

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