Students Class in North Korea’s Pyongyang Elementary School. (Ryukyung website)

North Korean Elementary schools begin summer vacation on July The hot weather is the reason for this. Daily NK learned.

“All primary schools in Sinuiju have been on vacation since the first of the month. The government wants to prevent students from fainting in the summer heat, which is particularly sweltering this year,” Source in North Pyongan Province You can tell them by clicking on the link Daily NK on July 5. Speaking on condition of anonymity.

At The end of June, Sinuiju’s Department of Education receives orders from the Ministry You can also find out more about the following: Education You can also read more about it here North Pyongan Province’s The Bureau of Education will begin summer holidays for elementary schools on July For middle and high school students, see page 1. July The vacation will last until the end 20 August.

As As a result of this, elementary schools are in Sinuiju I went on vacation one month earlier than normal. The Sources said that other counties in the province, too, went on holiday on the same date after receiving the exact same orders. Ministry You can also find out more about the following: Education.

Since The central government has issued orders that the summer break for all primary schools will begin on July 1. This Sources in the industry have confirmed this. Yanggang Province Who said that all primary school in Hyesan Enjoyed a vacation with your family July 1.

Normally, summer vacation in North Korea The single-month subscription lasts for August. But Because elementary schools began their vacations a month sooner than usual, the vacation this year is expected last two months.

Many North Korean Schools lack cooling methods to cool classrooms

According Classrooms are the source of all knowledge. North Korea Students find it hard to breathe during the oppressive summer heat because they do not have fans or air conditioners.

Students Even when the classroom windows are opened, students are sweaty and can even faint during their studies. This According to a source, this year’s humidity has been so high that the school authorities are concerned for the students’ health and have taken extreme measures.

“Even here in the northern area, the daytime temperature often exceeds 30 degrees Celsius. Parents were worried about how their children would study in the hot weather, and they’re relieved that the children will get a vacation during the hottest two months of the year,” Source in North Pyongan Province said.

When The elementary schools told students and parents this year that their summer vacations would be longer. “thanks to the Marshal’s love and care for children,” Referring to North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un.

“There would be no reason to give [a longer] vacation if the schools had electric fans. This vacation is the result of inadequate school facilities, so it’s absurd to attribute it to the ‘Marshal’s love,'” According to the source, cynical parent’s responded. 

By Order of the Ministry You can also find out more about the following: EducationMiddle and high schools are going on vacation this summer. July The 20th is ten days earlier.

After Hearing the news, wealthy parents scrambled to find tutors who were talented so their children could study during the long holiday, the source reported.

Daily NK has a wide network of sources in the area. North Korea, ChinaYou can find it anywhere. Their For reasons of security, identities are kept anonymous.

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