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Diddy’s The past haunts him. The victim of the Club New York He put a reward on her head.

As reported By: HipHopDX, The now disgraced mogul of business is accused of even more heinous crimes. During Recent interview with The Art The following are some examples of how to use Dialogue, Natania Reuben Claims Diddy Shot her in the face at the infamous Club New York In 1999, there was an incident. While The judge found him not guilty. New York City Native has been very vocal in his claims of involvement in the crime. During She said in the interview that her life felt threatened after her identity became public.

“I was born in Brooklyn [and] I was raised in Brooklyn,” Natania explained. “I had no intentions of leaving, and probably had this [not] happened, I probably would have never left, but when the District Attorney’s office gets information from one of their confidential informant sources saying that there’s a bag on my head, and I’m calling the District Attorney’s office and I’m calling everybody because I look out my window where I was living in Canarsie, Brooklyn, and there’s four, stretched, blacked-out SUVs — I lived on the corner — there’s one on that corner, that corner, one in front of my house, one on the next corner.”

Natania The woman continued to say she had to move due to her fear that her life was in danger. “What should I do? Sit there and wait for them to come get me or submit to the will of people who have my best interest and want to move me and my family to preserve my safety?” She said Natania Also, the man who got into an initial argument with Diddy Before the gunfire Matthew “Scar” AllenAlso, he received a lifelong reward.

You Can you see? Natania Detail her ordeal in the following paragraphs. Diddy Has responded to the allegations.

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