Nate Diaz He waited almost five years before switching to another sport in order to finally get revenge. Jorge Masvidal After losing to him in the UFC.

In Boxing matches are always entertaining. Diaz The majority has spoken. Masvidal The UFC veterans exchanged shots in an intense back-and forth battle in front of the sold-out crowd at the Honda Center The following are some examples of how to use Anaheim, Calif. The The two judges that scored the fight differed Diaz His constant volume and his pressure seemed to keep him on the edge. Masvidal On his backfoot

For It’s not his fault Masvidal The power punches were definitely the most powerful, but they didn’t change the scores that cost him the match. In The judges scored the final contests 97-93, and 98 92. Diaz With the third official, 95-95 is a draw.

That It was enough Diaz The win was his second professional boxing bout.

“It feels good to get the job done,” Diaz Afterward, said “Mission accomplished. I could feel the love out here every time. Shout out to California. It’s all love. It’s always been respect for anyone I’m fighting. He showed up and came to fight and so did I so it’s all good.”

It It was a classic Diaz Early on, he started throwing punches to the head, body and behind him. Masvidal The ropes. That The death by 1000 cuts style worked well for Diaz He showed no fear in the pocket during the exchanges, despite his MMA experience. Masvidal.

The Slow start Masvidal This was his way of figuring out his range, timing and pace with Diaz’s Pressure filled offensive output Masvidal In the second round, he finally started to get going with a stiff left hand and a right-hand that caught. Diaz Watching the UFC veterans trade punches.

Masvidal As he cracked, it was clear that he had more power. Diaz Early on, the shots are more intense. Diaz I wasn’t going to back down. In return, Diaz As he continued to speak loudly, he focused on a quick lead jab made with his right and then a second one using his left.

The Pitter-patter puns Diaz Never slowed down but Masvidal He was starting to sit back down when he launched left and right hooks at the body and head.

That As the fight entered the fifth round. Diaz The punches began to pour in. Masvidal It was clear that he had to pace himself. Masvidal The amount of throws was not as high as Diaz He was determined to make a big impact with every shot.

The Amazing pace Diaz It would exhaust a marathon runner, but he did not slow down as he kept pushing. Masvidal You can also go backwards by facing the corner or ropes. The The most economical way to approach Masvidal Was playing defense and picking and choosing the moment he would unleash a huge counter punch.

The This is how almost every round of the battle with Diaz He was peppering in combinations of four to five punches. Masvidal Then he would shoot back with massive shots that whipped Diaz’s Sweat was flying as you clenched your jaw.

As The final round of the tournament is over. Diaz Clipped Masvidal With a well-timed right uppercut, he then returned to that same stabbing left hand which served as his most effective punch that night. Masvidal They continued to lash out at each until the bell rang.

So The judges’ decision in several rounds was crucial. Diaz’s volume versus Masvidal’s power. In End Diaz The obvious winner is… Masvidal’s chagrin.

“I thought I won,” Masvidal said. “I thought I hit the harder shots. We can do it again, we’re 1-1. We’ll find a place and do it again. I definitely thought I landed more meaningful shots. The harder shots, 100 percent I landed them. Nate wants to run it again, we can.”

Considering The way the crowd responded and the excitement surrounding both fighters made it easy to get them back together in the ring, especially after a great show on Saturday night.

While It’s possible. Diaz Already has his sights set to avenge another loss from his previous and then perhaps return to his former stomping ground in the UFC.

“I’m going to be Jake Paul‘s f*cking ass and I’m down to fight the highest ranked boxer I can find,” Diaz said. “My main objective is to be the best fighter in the world so I want to go back and get a UFC title. Leon Edwards, Jake Paul and anybody the f*ck else, you’re dead.”

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