Nate Diaz It is likely to earn more money than Jorge Masvidal You can also find out more about the following: Saturday’s fight.

This Saturday, Diaz The following are some examples of how to get started: Masvidal Face off in a 10 round light heavyweight boxing bout at the Honda Center You can also find out more about the following: Anaheim, Calif. The This bout is sort of a rematch to their 2019 fight UFC 244 What crowned the inaugural “BMF” The concept of champion was created by Diaz. The Stockton Native lost the fight in the third round by a doctor’s stoppage. However, it appears that this result had no impact on their purses. Diaz The $500,000 purse is guaranteed for all the fighters on this upcoming card, Masvidal Before pay-per view sales, the movie will only bring in $300,000.

The California State Athletic Commission In a message sent to MMA, the salaries were revealed Fighting’s Damon Martin On, Saturday.

In fact, Masvidal It is not even close to the second-highest salary base for Saturday’s Former UFC lightweight champion attends event Anthony PettisWho is facing Chris Avila In the featured bout, the winner will receive a guaranteed amount of $350,000. Avilameanwhile, earns a total of $210,000. It is the fourth highest purse on the card and even surpasses the former world boxing champion Daniel JacobsThe only person to win $100,000 in his fight with was. Shane Mosely Jr. ($160,000). However, Jacobs You can also read about how to get in touch with us. missed weight for his fight The fine was 20 percent of the amount he had in his pocket, and half of it will be sent to Mosely Jr.

The list below contains a full breakdown of all the salaries paid for the event. As These figures are never the total earnings of a fighter, because certain sponsorships, pay per view earnings and other revenue streams remain secret.

  • Nate Diaz $500,000
  • Jorge Masvidal $300,000
  • Daniel Jacobs $100,000* (fined 20 percent of his purse, half to go to Shane Mosley Jr.)
  • Shane Mosley Jr. $160,000
  • Anthony Pettis $350,000
  • Chris Avila $210,000
  • Curmel Moton $40,000
  • Nikolai Buzolin $8,000* (fined 20 percent of his purse, half to go to Curmel Moton)
  • Amado Vargas $100,000
  • Sean Garcia $50,000* (fined 20 percent of his purse, half to go to Amado Vargas)
  • Devin Cushing $60,000
  • Manuel Correa $15,000
  • Luciano Ramos $5,000
  • Dan Hernandez $3,500
  • Alan Sanchez $55,000
  • Luis Lopes $22,500
  • Steve Dunn $500
  • Gabriel Costa $2,500
  • Jose Aguayo $40,000
  • Bryce Logan $6,000
  • Ken Lopez $18,000
  • Andres Martinez $600

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