NCSoft will report a quarterly loss of operating income for the first 10 years.

NCSoft’s shares are declining because the securities industry has projected that the company will report a first-quarter operating loss in 10 years.

As On 9:12 am July NCSoft’s stock is currently trading at 187.700 won (approximately 135.42 dollars), down 3.500 won or 1.83 percent from the previous day. Large Foreign securities firms like Merrill Lynch.

EarlierSK Securities NCSoft’s target price was lowered from 300,000.00 won to 270.000 won. This is due to a forecasted operating loss for the 2nd quarter of this fiscal year.

SK Securities NCSoft’s operating loss for the second quarter was estimated at 6.3 billion won. This is lower than market consensus of 1.6 million won.

Nam Hyo-ji is a researcher with SK SecuritiesThe point was made “There were no new game releases in the second quarter, and sales continued to decline for existing games, except for ‘Lineage M,’ which had updates. The increased marketing expenses also contributed significantly to the cost burden.”

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