New queer radio station Kunt Up Music.FM launching in Bristol · News ⟋ RA
  • The programme is on the lookout for hosts, exhibits and volunteers.
  • A brand new unbiased radio station is hoping to highlight Bristol’s queer scene.

    Kunt Up Music.FM, AKA Okay.U.M FM, is launching with the intention of making a platform for LGBTQIA+ artists whatever the style. It’s billed as “the first independent queer radio station in Bristol” and can give attention to artists residing within the metropolis however is open to acts visiting as nicely.

    The music played on the station will host a variety of genres and formats,” mentioned spokesperson James when chatting with RA. “This could range from indie punk bands to hard dance DJs and collectives. We will aim to focus our Friday and Saturday evening shows on the city’s thriving nightlife scene. This will include genres such as techno, house, hardcore, jungle, electro, UK garage, dubstep, drum & bass, ballroom and disco.”

    He continues: “To fully encompass the diversity of Bristol’s queer community we will also be producing shows that focus on discussion, debate and promotion, [which] may include shows highlighting events and opportunities available within the community. Other types of shows may discuss pressing issues that involve rights, policies and opinions that are oppressing parts of the community. The station will provide an insight into queer culture and bridge the gap to those outside of the queer circle. These important discussions and insights will hopefully improve the quality of life for queer people in Bristol and beyond.”

    Okay.U.M FM is on the lookout for exhibits, hosts and volunteers. Here’s their Instagram publish for extra info.

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