NLE Choppa The singer is always honest with his audience. It’s His music is one of the most popular. It’s Why did he choose one of his own songs? “Slut Me Out 2,” To tell the world he is in love with someone Billie Eilish. The Tik rappers hopped onto TikTok on July A message appeared on screen while 10 danced along to the song. “I got a crush on Billie Elish [sic].” Spelling TikTok attracted viewers for the randomness alone. NLE Choppa But I had more to add.

The Rapper posted a second TikToIn which he lamented his being “bored.” Then Third, he flails his legs in frustration as he tries stretching them. The Last also sent a message which put (some of) the bizarre outburst in context. “If I shoot my shot at Billie and it don’t work out,” He wrote. Strange TikToThis is not as strange as it may appear. Choppa What has been done before? The Rapper is just a few months away from shooting his shoot You can also collaborate with another artist. GloRilla.

NLE Choppa Previously Crushed On GloRilla

NLE is a huge fan of GloRilla’s IG snort traps and expressed his interest during a interview with AllHipHop. “She’s getting a little thicker. We see you,” He made an announcement. “That a** getting fat now, Glo… She must’ve been on her oats. She ‘bout one more picture away before I’m just there with it.” NLE GloRilla has never been linked, as far the public is aware. UnfortunatelyThe rapper will also be affected by this. Billie EilishBased on his recent remarks about dating.

Billie Eilish Was asked about her relationship life during a March Interview with People Magazine. She She’s asserted to be a woman “never dating again,” But walked back the comment with a more fleshed out response. “That’s not true, obviously,” She conceded. “But no, I don’t see myself being serious with anyone until I find someone that really feels right to me, and that is not interesting to me right now.” Billie Eilish’s Last serious relationship Jesse RutherfordIn, the. May 2023.

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