North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un The test firing of a new Land-to-Sea missile was observed by the Padasuri-6 Feb. According to Rodong Sinmun. (Rodong Sinmun-News1)

North Korea The decision to integrate the young talent in the Academic Research Institute You can also check out the Military Strategy Research Center The Underside Korean People’s Army (KPA)’s General Staff DepartmentThis is traditionally the domain senior military figures.

The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other Daily Source NK in the North Korean Last revealed: military speaking anonymously Thursday By mid-2010, the KPA party’s committee plans to lower the average age of its officials at the Institute by a significant amount.JulyAfter announcing a decision on January 29.

The KPA’s Party Committee decided to deploy outstanding recent KPA graduates. Kim Jong Il Political Military University To active units and to the institute at the same time. This This is a departure from the old practice of bringing in retired older officers to the Institute.

“This decision aims to execute the Central Committee’s modern military strategy more practically by strengthening the institute with capable young and experienced military strategists,” The source is explained

The The party committee of the KPA views this as an issue. “strategic turning point,” Transforming the Institute into a “new brain trust” It can respond quickly to changes in the external military environment.

The The committee hopes that this will encourage competition in the research of military strategy and improve the overall operational capability of the military. The The institute will conduct regular evaluations of personnel, and there will be additional reshuffles all year.

However. Kim Jong Il Political Military University Graduates are hesitant to join the Institute They Some employees are concerned about the limited opportunities for promotion, while others see it as a place where those who have no other options can work. “put out to pasture.”

“While the KPA’s party committee aims to enhance military strategy research and improve responsiveness to external changes, the internal atmosphere prioritizing personal development and promotions may pose challenges to the success of this new policy,” The source stated.

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