Ahead Its world premiere is the One For the best, Road The teaser trailer of the upcoming horror film has been released. The Film will be based Stephen King‘s short story of the same name, which was published in 1978 as part of his Night Shift novella.

“When a stranger ambles into a roadside diner in the dead of night, two friendly Samaritans prove no good deed goes unpunished,” The synopsis for the short movie is read. “One for the Road is the story of two movers who reluctantly help a waitress deal with a stranger in the dead of night. The tropes are well known: a diner, a stranger looking for help, a stranded car in the desert. But the story is only about these tropes on the surface — it’s really a reflection of one of the biggest moral dilemmas of our time: Should we take the risk of helping someone we don’t know, or is it better to mind our own business?”

Check Then, you can find out more about One For the best, Road Teaser trailer is below.watch more trailers):

When When is the release date of One For the best, Road?

One For the best, Road The film will be screened at its premiere on Sunday, July The LA Shorts Film FestivalIt is the longest-running film festival in Los Angeles. The The film is directed by Daniel Carsenty The screenplay was written by Corey Slater. The Short stars Alexander Flores, Katie Adler, Travis Hammer, Lisa Goodman, Elester Latham. Richard Clarke Larson.

“Night Shift is Stephen King’s first collection of short stories–a perfect showcase of just how far King’s dark imagination can go. Here we see mutated rats gone bad (“Graveyard Shift”); a cataclysmic virus that threatens humanity (“Night Surf,” the basis for The Stand); a possessed, evil lawnmower (“The Lawnmower Man”); unsettling children from the heartland (“Children The cheapest way to buy a car is by using the Corn”); a smoker who will try anything to stop (“Quitters, Inc.”); a reclusive alcoholic who begins a gruesome transformation (“Gray Matter”); and many more. This is Stephen King at his horrifying best,” This is the official description of the novella that the story comes from.

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