OpenAI has suspended service to ChatGPT. OpenAI is the company that created the ChatGPT generative AI system. China, Hong Kong The following are some examples of how to get started: MacauAnalysts have said that this is an intensification of the technological wars between the United States The following are some examples of how to get started: China.

OpenAI informed users in China It would block traffic China, Hong Kong The following are some examples of how to get started: Macau You can also find out more about us on our website. July 9, China’s state-backed Securities Times newspaper reported.

Generative OpenAI’s ChatGPT is an example of AI. Baidu’s Ernie It can help create text, images and music as well as computer code. The technology is used in many sectors, including the manufacturing, transportation, security, telecommunications and life sciences.

HoweverCritics fear that it may replace some workers or take away human-generated content, without compensating the creators.

China The guidelines have been issued to ensure that homegrown AI is safe. sticks to the ruling Communist Party line You shouldn’t leak out information from the outside. Great Firewall Internet censorship is a growing problem.

In 2017, Tencent took down its chatbot Baby The government is referred to as Q “corrupt regime,” It was claimed that there was no love for the Communist Party The dream of the emigrant was to go to the United States There were reports that the police had questioned its programmers.


OpenAI has announced its move as the U.S. Treasury The government wants to tighten regulations American Investment flowing into China’s The tech sector has proposed an outright ban on U.S. citizen and resident investment in artificial intelligence, semiconductor manufacturing, and quantum computing. China.

Analysts It will accelerate the technological decoupling of China Then, there is the United States.

While OpenAI’s advanced model, GPT-4, is not included in the list. Chinese The lack of OpenAI’s large-language models could also spur innovation at home. Dashveenjit Kaur Write in A July Comments on the website Artificial Intelligence News.

The This illustration shows the OpenAI logo next to a ChatGPT AI chatbot’s response on their website. Feb. 9, 2023. (Florence Lo/Illustration/Reuters)

“On the other hand, the blockade creates a vacuum that domestic giants like Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent are well-positioned to fill,” Kaur wrote.

“Those companies have the financial muscle, talent, and infrastructure to accelerate their AI research and development, leading to even more active efforts by these players in AI innovation and building homegrown alternatives for OpenAI.”

The Securities Times An industry insider has stated that there are many Chinese Startups have been selling products that are a packaged version OpenAI with commercial apps.

The Most likely, you will push the move button. China’s According to the report, tech companies need to accelerate their own R&D.

Patent Leader

Alibaba Cloud Reacted to OpenAI’s block by announcing its generative AI platforms “Bailian” OpenAI will provide an alternative to former OpenAI users ChinaWhile Baidu The company has launched a package that will allow former OpenAI users to migrate to the AI platform without any additional charges.

China Recent data published by the World Intellectual Property OrganizationWIPO is the World Intellectual Property Organization.

More than a quarter of those inventions emerged last year — a testament to the explosive growth and interest in the technology since generative AI vaulted into broad public consciousness in late 2022, WIPO said.

China In the last decade alone, the company has filed over 38,200 patents for generative AI, six times as many as the United StatesThe number of people who attended the event was approximately 6,300. 

But The U.S. is generally producing more advanced AI systems. In 2023, there will be 61 notable machine learning models from U.S. institutions, compared to 21 from other countries. European Union There are 15 different languages. ChinaAccording to the AI Index. 

The U.S. is also the largest producer of ethanol “foundation models,” OpenAI GPT-4 is one of them. Anthropic’s Claude 3, Google’s Gemini The following are some examples of how to get started: Meta’s LlamaThey are large, versatile, and trained using massive datasets.

The U.S. leads in the production of lead China The number of AI startups and private AI investment is increasing. China The company has been a leader in the field of industrial robotics. Reuters Report on July 3.

On July 4, Chinese Premier Li Qiang The call for global collaboration and a more flexible mindset on artificial intelligence was made. “Each country has its own advantages in its AI technology, data and market, so we should engage in mutual cooperation and join forces,” Li Tell me about it World Außerdem Conference You can also find out more about the following: Shanghai.

Li The United Nations has also called for international cooperation to address the dangers posed by AI, which is rapidly developing.

“No country can be an exception,” Li The call for global AI regulations and technical standards was made by the Minister.

Translated By: Luisetta Mudie. Edited By: Malcolm Foster.

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