Our Legacy WORK SHOP The release of its “Natura Running” Capsule today features a variety of elevated athletic equipment. The Natural dyed recycled nylon is used to create this collection of nature-focused products. This helps the brand in its sustainability efforts.

Looks These garments are minimally branded with WORK SHOP. Almost The nylon material is used for all garments as it can resist most running obstacles. They They are available in different silhouettes such as running tops, outerwear and shorts to satisfy the needs of multiple athletes. Nylon Jackets provide protection as they are made of a technical material that can be used on land or in water. Cotton T-shirts work better for casual running. Utilizing The neutral palette of black, brown, and cream blends into the environment to create a subtle camouflage.

The The campaign demonstrates the durability of the capsule by featuring models outside Como, Italy You can find a wide variety of terrains, such as fields, mountains and streams. Garments Take on the elements with these photos that feature models moving through fields, water and other environments to show the performance of the collection. Accompanying To enhance the capsule vision, nature photography such as close-ups or wide-shots were released along with the fashion images.

Take Take a look at what’s on offer in the gallery. Our Legacy Work Shops “Natura Running” Capsule is available now in Our Legacy Shops websiteThe prices range from 100 EUR to 380 EUR.

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