Paul Hughes Conor McGregor

This past Saturday, Hughes PFL/Bellator First and finishing Bobby King The co-main event is Bellator Dublin. It The performance of the Irish It was a special moment for him to be able to see his country of origin. Hughes As his countryman Conor McGregor was cageside during his fight. After The fight Hughes Even shouted McGregor saying, “People talk shit, but this man changed the game and changed all of our young fighters’ lives.”

Speaking You can also find out more about Ariel Helwani The following are some of the most effective ways to improve your own effectiveness. The MMA Hour The following are some of the most effective ways to improve your own effectiveness. Monday, Hughes McGregor’s arrival prompted the impromptu speech, despite his initial plans.

I wanted to call out Usman Nurmagomedov “Lightweight belt” Hughes said. “[But] He was arrested for a crime he committed Alexander Shabily It’s the end of year. So It didn’t appear likely that they would fight, and I would then fight him before next season. So I kind of repressed my words.

“Plus it just didn’t come about. The post-fight interview kind of went a different way, obviously, with McGregor showing up and having an exchange with him. So it kind of ended up going a different way in the post-fight interview.”

Hughes’s McGregor’s speech in support came at a very interesting time. “Notorious” This weekend, the headliner is set to be UFC 303 Card against Michael Chandler But he resigned after breaking his toe in training. The McGregor’s decision to withdraw from a fight due to a toe problem earned him a lot of criticism, but Hughes Stands by Hughes There’s no way to tell.

“It came from the heart,” Hughes said. “Dan asked me the question, ‘How How does it Feel to Have Conor McGregor? I’ve just seen him. He came up to the cage. I was watching him. I spoke my heart. That’s Reality is what it is. I’m Simply speaking the Truth He The mental barriers that we young boys, particularly those from the island of Ireland.

“Just 10 years ago he was fighting [Diego] Brandao in the same arena, and that was the beginning of his rise and the beginning of the change of Irish MMA forever. Then 10 years later, he’s inspired me and I’m in the same arena, co-main eventing my first huge, global show. And there I am having an interaction with him cageside. It just felt right to thank him, because it was just the truth.”

If McGregor opened up the door Irish fighters, Hughes The next generation of Irish Fighters who want to take up his mantle. The Former 27-year old Cage Warriors The 12-time MMA champion has set his sights on the PFL’s lightweight season in 2019. In In the meantime, he will enjoy his first promotion win and see what happens next.

“I’m going to take a week here and just take it in,” Hughes said. “It’s been a crazy journey since getting out of that — even before getting out of that Cage Warriors contract… Getting that all done, getting a fight booked in the 3Arena, a show being built around me, and finally going and doing the business. So I’m going to take a week and then after that we’ll talk to PFL-Bellator and see what they would like me to do. ”

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