Paul Smith The following are some examples of how to get started: Finnish Furniture Maker Artek The two companies have announced a new collaboration. “Artek Reimagined by Paul Smith,” Blending iconic design with subtle 70s aesthetic. This Three notable taps are included in the collection Artek pieces: Stool 60, Screen 100 Coat Rack Each of the 109 pieces is handcrafted. Finland.

The Collaboration Showcases Sir Paul Smith’s Signature playful color palettes and stripes add a new twist to the classic. Artek’s timeless designs. NotablyThe Stool 60 is characterized by vibrant poppy colors and subtle wood staining on the seat and legs. A striking ultramarine underside completes this piece.

As For the best, Screen It’s made from pine slats that are narrow and has shades that refer to Paul Smith’s The stripes are a distinctive pattern that gives the garment a 70s look. Coat Rack The 109 luggage rack, which is inspired by the luggage racks of steam trains, completes this collection. It has matching colors and a ergonomic design.

The “Artek Reimagined by Paul Smith” The collection will be available via Paul Smith’s official site Start your own shop September 12 — with pricing yet to be announced at the time of writing.

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