Once Payton Talbott Made weight for him UFC 303 Matchup, the eating began.

The The rising bantamweight contender remained undefeated after a 19-second knockout. Yanis Ghemmouri On the preliminaries of UFC International Fight Week event. Talbott He revealed after his victory that he was significantly heavier than the 135.5 pounds on which he had weighed in the morning.

“I was like 161 with clothes on,” Talbott “Said on” The MMA Hour. “I had quite a bit of clothes on, so I don’t know.”

When When asked why he gained so much weight, 25-year old answered honestly. He cited seafood as an excellent way to gain weight before a fight.

“I was just stuffing myself,” Talbott said. “I went to [an] oyster bar in Vegas … and then we went to sushi, I had whatever the UFC gave me — a bunch of pasta, I had pudding cake, just so much stuff.”

Talbott With the win, he improved to 9-0 in his professional career. This includes finishes on all occasions except for his victory at Contender Series This is the past August. Since Inking a contract Talbott It’s 3-0 in the octagon.

As He continues to achieve success. Talbott It is becoming clear that keeping a low-profile is going to become much more challenging.

“I get a feeling for what the future is going to be like,” Talbott explained. “I can just internally feel the way things are going to go, and it’s a little scary and intimidating — but it’s also exciting. … I’m not a fan of being the center of attention. It’s just what people watch and it’s like, ‘What’s next, what’s next?’

“Sometimes it makes me a little uncomfortable, a little uneasy when people are watching too hard. I just desire to be watched and not seen.”

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