Peter HalleyThe acclaimed American The artist, known for his geometric abstractions and other works of art, has partnered. Avant Arte Release of a limited edition print entitled Rising High The second is that the third is that.

The New YorkThe 1980s were a time of great success for the artist, who was able to rise above the rest. East Village Scene, which included Jeff Koons, Keith Haring You can also find out more about the following: Jean-Michel BasquiatYou can also find out more about. Inspired By the work of Josef Albers You can also find out more about the following: Piet Mondrian, Halley’s Boxy compositions are made largely with fluorescent acrylic. Roll-a-TexThe paint is applied with a roller, which eliminates the hand. The stacked forms he creates is a subtle commentary on the heightened ‘geometricization’ of social space — an isolation associated to urban dwelling, characteristic of the barred windows in his paintings that allude to prison cells.

“I don’t think of my paintings as abstract, I sometimes use the word ‘diagrammatic,'” It is worth noting that Halley In the past interview. “Back in the ’80s, what I wanted to do was to take the language of 20th-century abstract painting and use it to diagram the nature of space in contemporary society. So, the abstract square became an enclosed cell. If I put bars on the square, it became a prison. I connected these squares, that is, these prisons and the cells, with thick lines that I called conduits. I was trying to map the kind of highly geometricized space we live in.”

Produced In collaboration with the revered London studio, Make-Ready, Rising High The second is that the third is that Silkscreen details such as metallic shimmers, glitter, gloss and gold leaf are included to give a 3-dimensional effect. For The artwork is available in a limited edition of 40. It is also available unframed (for $4400 USD), or framed for $5083 USD. online only.

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