Pierpaolo Piccioli Rewriting the codification Valentino. Spring/Summer 2023’s “Unboxing Valentino” served minimalism and maximalism in harmony, creating a collection that dressed the House in purification and essentials, and the theme was continued — and elevated — for Fall/Winter 2023‘s “Black Tie” runway show.

Black tie is a dress code. It’s a strict requirement that all attire be worn. It’s a faux pas to digress from the expected norms when required to follow the code, and it is something that is habitually ingrained in the sartorial world. Black tie is rarely subverted. Valentino is proof of this.

Valentino breaks away from conventions and updates antiquated expectations about black tie for FW23. The collection was, at times, literal — a black tie became the physical embodiment of the term and collection, frequenting many a look across men’s and womenswear. It could be worn as a part of a shirt, dress or jacket and can be tied, untied, or loose.

With a pair Rockstud-encrusted Shorts, paired with formal touches such as shirts and ties, and the power of a long-length black leather coat, conventions were deconstructed. These looks are a tribute to an off-duty rock star like Look 67, who gave us a shimmering metallic biker jacket-blazer hybrid that was paired with cigarette pants and patent pink and black pointed denby shoes.

Valentino presented clothes that were more against the grain. Loose boiler suits and vests made of interconnecting bows, double breasted car coats with black-and white chess board designs, and ethereal dresses covered by variing sequins or another using sheer, black tulle, feathers cuffs, and crystal embellishments.

For Piccioli, “Black Tie” was yet another example of how Valentino adapts and reshapes its identity. This was an absolute success. You can see more of the collection by clicking the link above. Paris Fashion Week FW23 Hypebeast.com has the following content.

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